Buddy Up In The Uncharted 3 Beta

Buddy Up In The Uncharted 3 Beta

Now that the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer beta is underway, the PlayStation Blog has a post up with a video from the developers along detailing what features you can look forward to.

In addition to a new set of boosters, the beta will prominently feature a new buddy system – one that will pair you with another player on your team at the start of every match. You’ll gain cooperative bonuses for working together with your buddy and you can also elect to spawn on your buddy should you not want to randomly spawn. While you are automatically paired with a buddy – whether or not you work with them is up to you.

There’s also a beta FAQ on hand detailing what you’ll be able to use and unlock in the beta, along with a playlist schedule.

When does the Beta end?
 The UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta will end on Thursday, July 14.

What modes and maps are available? 
Throughout the three weeks of the Beta, we’ll be rotating through a variety competitive and co-op gametypes, along with access to three different maps.

June 28 to July 3 Gametypes: Team Deathmatch, Plunder, Three Team Deathmatch, Hardcore, Co-op Arena Maps: Airstrip, Chateau

July 4 to July Gametypes: Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Team Objective, Hardcore, Co-op Hunter Maps: Airstrip, Chateau

July 10 to July 14 Gametypes:Team Deathmatch, Plunder, Three Team Deathmatch, Hardcore, Co-op Adventure, Co-op Arena Maps: Airstrip, Yemen

Are you currently playing the beta? Be sure to talk about your experience in the comments!

UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer BETA Details! via Playstation Blog


  • When I first played yesterday, it was unplayable and it froze my PS3. Since then they released a 1.01 update which actually makes it playable. The team deathmatch on the airstrip was cool, as you are either trying to board a plane hurtling down the runway and jumping onto trucks to do so, or trying to protect the plane. I also liked that when a team is losing they get a bonus to do double damage for a period. Or if a player who is overly dominating has their location revealed for a set time to even things up. When I start leveling up and getting different boosters it may make things even more interesting.

  • had a good run at it last night with a mate.
    we took turns to start with… then worked out we could play split-screen 😛 and he could sign into his account to rank up while at my house =D hopefully (& it would make sense imho) those stats are stored online and he can continue ranking up on his ps3.

  • i’m loving the beta at the moment, but only have one gripe and thats with the damn power weapons and turrets. Splitscreen, cinema mode and customization are all welcome additions and i cant wait to see how the final game turns out. i just hope they dont have the same system in Uncharted 2, which took ages to load MP the first time you got on, or after a long period of time

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