Bungie Will Buy You A Steak Dinner

July 7 is a special date for Bungie - it's Bungie Day, a Bungie holiday where they celebrate their bizarre love of the number seven and reward the community that has built up around the studio. This year Bungie has made a promise - if you get matched up against the Bungie team, and beat them by more than 20 kills, they will buy you a steak dinner.

This year's Bungie Day is a special one - it's the 20th anniversary of the studios inception, and they have a lot planned - including the afore-mentioned steak dinner guarantee.

Beginning on June 23rd, and running through the close of Bungie Day on July 7th, we'll be celebrating the last twenty years the only way we know how - by giving you, the best -blam!- community on the planet, all the parting gifts we can muster.

Here are 7 reasons you should come out and celebrate with us this year:

Because Blue Flames aren’t just for Bungie Employees or fans with iPhones. We’ll be turning on Blue Flames and the Bungie Nameplate for every last one of our loyal fans. (Kids, do try this at home.) Because we just built a brand-new and totally free community iPhone app to keep you connected...and entertained! Because we're going to tell you, in explicit detail, exactly what Bungie Aerospace is all about. Because a collection featuring some of our rarest and most treasured personal Halo artwork will be up for auction, with all profits going to charity through a partnership between Child's Play and the Bungie Foundation. Because the Bungie Store is going to be packed with Swag Sacks containing random, but totally kick ass swag, limited run commemorative t-shirts, and amazing commissioned posters from a handful of incredible artists, with all profits also going straight to charity. Because on Bungie Day we'll be throwing down in a 24-hour Bungie vs. the World No Holds Barred Halo: Reach Marathon where we'll be making the promise of Steaktacular a certified beefy reality. You steak us. We'll steak you. Seriously, we're going to mail any team who beats us by 20 kills or more on Bungie Day a Grade-A cut of steak (gift cards for international players) while supplies last. Because you've been just as much a part of this incredible twenty years as we have, and we simply couldn't bear it if you didn't show up and help us celebrate our anniversary and help send our Halo baby out with one hell of a bang.

The festivities begin on June 23rd and conclude as the final hours of this year's Bungie Day, July 7th, come to a close. If you don't show up, we just won't know what to do with ourselves, and we definitely won't know what to do with this ViDoc we've been slaving over for the last two decades.

Make mines a medium rare boys.

7 Reasons to Celebrate [Bungie]


    I haven't played Reach since the second map pack came out, but I feel like I owe it to them to hop on for Bungie day celebrations. I didn't manage to match with them the last time they did Bungie vs. the World but I can always hope. And get destroyed.

    I'm also interested in this:

    "Because we’re going to tell you, in explicit detail, exactly what Bungie Aerospace is all about."


    We should get a Kotaku team going on the day.


        Also +1. Mark, is there any chance we could have a organised community playdate for Reach during the festivities?

    Already got the Blue Flames and Bungie nameplate.

    Their app is clean, crisp and a welcome additon to the app store. Plus it's free!

      How do you get the blue flames? Is it through the app? Wish I had a smartphone =(

      I'm more interested in how you got the Bungie nameplate.

    Can I trade the steak dinner in for an Oni II?

    I too love the number 7 :)

    Now that blue flames and Bungie nameplates are available to almost anyone, how am I supposed to know I've played against a Bungie employee? Giving people blue flames is fine, but I think it should be free on Bungie Day but to be kept permanently you should be prepared to drop some credits. I would have liked the Bungie nameplate to stay exclusive to Bungie players so I know I'm playing against someone who worked hard to make a great game. Besides that griefers used Bungie Day last year to scam unknowing players out of accounts and such and it just doesn't seem well thought out.

    Also now that the stars are now being giving out for trivial reasons (like installing the iPhone app) they aren't really worth anything anymore. Before you could see an all star nameplate and think "That person is a real Bungie fan". Now it will be more like "That guy probably just owns an iPhone". I may not have entered into any of the All Stars competitions but getting a star was on my to-do list. Now that the majority of people will have them I no longer want one.

    Bungie better kiss me after and call the next day too. Bastard.

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