But Is The Wii U Powerful? See For Yourself

Here's the tech demo Nintendo used during its E3 2011 press conference to demonstrate the graphical power of the Wii U. The video is a bit low-res, but it gets the point across. I'm impressed.


    Why does it have to be powerful to play the 18 different Mario remakes that will be appearing on it?

      Because you're sexy and you know you want one!

    Not bad but some of the worst water effects I've seen in years...

    What's the point in these tech demos. You can whip one up easily enough on your home computer with the latest graphics card and a decent processor, granted you have the time.

      Anyone who has the time whip up a proprietary 3D engine or modify an existing engine to co-operate with new proprietary hardware at home is probably too busy with an actual job. Also on another point, the latest graphics card costs more than a whole console by itself :)

    Not mind blowing, still beats the wii

    It's alright looking, but I would easily believe that these are current get graphics, that the video was made on an xbox or playstation, meanwhile if it was on PC I would expect better. That's an upgrade for the Wii but if it only compared to the current generation of xbox and playstation, what happens when the new versions of these consoles come out?

    I think its graphics compared to the new xbox and playstation consoles will be similar to the current Wii's graphics vs the current xbox and playstation. Which isn't a very good comparison. They will get their console to the market first, but will it be enough?

    Of course graphics aren't everything though.

    Remember guys, that the specs itself are subject to change. You can also refer to Wikipedia's section of Wii U to read a bit more on the console.

    To me personally, the graphics are decent enough and its about change Nintendo make the HD switch, like everyone is saying they are '2 years too late'. The company has always been about innovation and bringing out something that is unique and hasnt been done before. Just like the Wii did with movement sticks, just as the 3DS is did with 3D vision, just as the Wii U will be with its unique and revolutionary controller.

    Again its not all about the graphics (although they are a nice touch), its good to see Nintendo finally bringing out a console that is powerful enough to run all the multi-platform games and be able to attract hardcore gamers back into the Nintendo scene. The most thing im more excited about is the controller and the features it will support.

    I mean you can switch off your telly, sit in bed with your controller and play the rest of a hardcore game just before you goto sleep? Its like a portable tv in the palm of your hand and its all controlled and operated still by the console itself.

    Among other features of the console and hardware (which I am VERY impressed with - to say the lesat), I am very excited for the console and I say bring it on!


    At the end of video fishes jump out of the water, that's when I yelled out 'oh no'.

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