Buy These Five Summer Of Arcade XBLA Games, Get One Free

Buy These Five Summer Of Arcade XBLA Games, Get One Free

You could be on the receiving end of a “free” copy of co-op dungeon crawler Crimson Alliance, pictured above, Xbox 360 owners, if you go all-in on this year’s “Summer of Arcade” games for Xbox Live Arcade. What’s on the list?

It’s a pretty good one, including graphically beautiful games like Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and the terraforming god sim From Dust. There’s one sequel, one original role-playing game and one Kinect-only Xbox Live Arcade game on the list, touchscreen game turned karate chopping experience Fruit Ninja Kinect.

If you buy all five, an investment of 5600 Microsoft Points, Microsoft will throw in Crimson Alliance – an enjoyable Diablo or Torchlight alternative – for free when that game hits on September 7. Here are the dates and details.

  • July 20 – Bastion (1200 Microsoft Points)
  • July 27 – From Dust (1200 Microsoft Points)
  • August 3 – Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (1200 Microsoft Points)
  • August 10 – Fruit Ninja Kinect (800 Microsoft Points)
  • August 17 – Toy Soldiers: Cold War (1200 Microsoft Points)

If you don’t want to buy at least one of the above, maybe you’ll want to buy the giveaway game when it ships:

  • September 7 – Crimson Alliance (1200 Microsoft Points)


  • Pretty lame promotion this year, but then most of the games ar a bit sad too.

    I’ll check out Bastion, From Dust and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, but I really can’t see myself buying more than one of them.

  • Notice the one kinect game in there? This is a little similar to the ‘get 2 free games or Live Points’ promotion with the Win7 phones. One game was a Kinect title and there was no choice in the matter. The Live points were nowhere near the same value.

    No, Microsoft. I will not buy a Kinect. Ever. Stop it.

  • Screw you haters, I love my Kinect, it nods hello every time I turn it on and autorecognises me and logs me in.

    I’ll be getting me some Kinect fruit ninja. Plus From Dust for shizzle! Can’t wait to play that, an HD Populus. Bastion also looks cool. But overall it’s not as strong a line up as past years, nothing as good as MNC, Limbo or Shadow.. thingo, what was it called? the Metroid clone game.

  • Torchlight clone? So it’s a clone of a clone? Call Jango Fett, those Kaminoans are cutting up their product.

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