Buy Your Own Portal 2 Propulsion Gel

What really set Portal 2 apart from the first game was its clever use of gels, each providing new ways to zip around a level (and occasionally stump the player). And now you can own some of your very own.

OK, so this stuff won't make you run faster, jump higher or open portals on the floor, but the slime does come in little officially-licensed containers, are coloured appropriately and can even be shaped into forms you'd associate with their in-game behaviour.

You can buy one gel for $US15, or get all three for $US40.

Portal 2 Interactive Gels [ThinkGeek]


    The gels were actually my LEAST favourite part of Portal 2 - especially the portal conductant gel. Most of the time it was just a matter of spraying as much gel in as many places as you could and then getting lucky. I much prefered the light bridge, excursion funnel and laser beam puzzles

      Yeah, I kinda agree. At first I was like :D, then I was like. :), then only :|

      ...and finally :(

      Luckily the game ended before I got to >:O

    It's sad that I want them... and will likely buy them and not even open them! :p

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