Can You Spot The HD Metal Gear Solid Games?

Can You Spot The HD Metal Gear Solid Games?
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Konami is bringing Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker to the PS3 and Xbox 360 as the Metal Gear Solid HD Edition.

Kotaku‘s already posted some of these “HD” screens. Here are some more!

But can you tell which MGS2 screens are from the PS2 and which ones are HD? What about which ones are MGS3 are PS2 and which ones are HD? And can you tell which Peace Walker images are from the PSP version and which one are HD?

Have a click through the gallery, and don’t let things like the 16:9 aspect ratio give the answers away. That’s cheating.


  • 1) Great News!
    2) Did the PS2 really look that good? Wow.
    3) Really should have cropped the new ones to 4:3 to get a proper compare.

    I’m not fussed that they really haven’t updated the graphics, just stoked to be able to play the games.

    • I played MGS 3 for the first time recently and was blown away by how good it looked for a ps2 game. They hold up really well in HD I think.

    • I remember the demo for MGS2 on the PS2, I felt like my eyes would erupt into flaming balls of pure joy and melt down my face as I laughed ecstatically. It was sooo gorgeous, I played that demo dozens of times over.

      Then the full game came out… stupid Raiden and his stupid sexy hips.

  • Yea it’s a bit of the sahme that some of the cinematography is lost with the change of the aspect ratio, but goddamn they look pretty good and i can’t wait to do another MGS marathon and this time i’ll finally get to play peace walker!

    • Peacewalker is a little different to how you play through the other ones, but it’s still one of the best in the series. Then again I can’t really say any of them are not awesome.

  • Enough with the teasing just relase the collection already! I’m itching to go back through MGS2 and 3, and play Peace Walker for the first time

  • Do we know if MGS3 HD will have the new camera control like MGS4, I tried to hunt down the rare MSG3 special edition just for the proper 3rd person camera!

  • OH God I;m gunna get this collection. And I’m gunna play all… and my Wife’s gunna leave me because im playing MGS all the time.

  • It’s the jaggies! They’re gone!

    Yep. Honestly, the only real diff is that the jaggies are gone. And of course the PSP is where you see it the most.

    Not quite sure if I can justify the purchase of the HD versions of these old games, unless there’s some serious bonuses to go along with them. Sure, it’s an uber cool offering, but I reckon the magic’s long gone with the PS2 versions (with no mention of MGS1 since that was delegated to Twin Snakes on the GCN).

    Even with Kojima’s “Transfarring” feature I really don’t see this being a huge seller for Kojima Productions. Just get to developing your “Fox Engine” Kojima! We wanna see some killer stuff from this licensed engine mate!

  • Now the title theme for Snake Eater, and possibly the one from Peacewalker, will be stuck in my head ALL DAY.


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