Carmageddon Returns With New Game

Vintage car combat series Carmageddon is making a comeback, with original developers Stainless Games having quietly re-acquired the rights to its old property.

The new game is called Carmageddon: Reincarnation, and will be a downloadable title due sometime next year. No platforms or any more tangible information are available than that.


    now, lets all sit back and ask ourselves the question that needs to be asked.

    what chance does any Carmageddon game have of being released down here?

      if you fund the Kickstarter and oip[t for the boxed copy they will send it to you :)


    I spend hours playing the original. I think I may even have the box at my parent's house in their shed still..

    @Ruen by the time this is released we should have an R18 rating to be able to run over grannies again :p

    Really surprised that Kotaku has not picked up the fact that Carma Reincarnation has a Kickstarter!!

    one that is within 4k of its target with 10 days to go!!!!

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