Caution. No, Really, Caution.

Dream Club Zero doesn't beat around the bush. It is what it is. And what it is a bar hostess girl simulator game that lets you drink virtual booze, chat up hostesses, and have them sing you songs.

And if you're willing to part with 480 Microsoft Points later this month, you can dress them in "Keep Out Tape". Like I said, no beating around the bush.


    Sif not be on PS3!!!

    I mean uhh... this game is wrong... bad... I won't buy it...

    Japan, please never stop being Japan. We love you.

    Has the world really been asking for a bar hostess girl simulator?


      what kind of a question was that? xD

    That's really messed up. Especially since they have the faces of 12 year old girls.

    Really.... really.... really messed up. If you can play this game in the presence of another living human being, you official have no shame.

      But officer! They only LOOK like twelve year olds!

    That is when gamers need to take their stand against obscenely trashy games such as this. Hmm, actually we'd probably see a huge increase in this sort of game (primarily since it's origin is always Japan) as the popularity of gaming in general grows.

    Thank Tamsoft for embarrassing our media further with... what looks like kids with 18 year old bodies, disturbing...

    And once again Japan's cultural norms get misunderstood.

    This game meant for japan market, no shall pass!!!

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