Cave Story 3D Delayed, Now Going Up Against... Modern Warfare 3

The lovely-looking 3DS port of the popular side-scrolling action game Cave Story has been bumped from a planned summer release to November 8, right in there against the likes of Skyrim (November 11) and Modern Warfare 3 (November 8).

Good luck, Cave Story 3D! In a press release, the game's publisher attributed the delay to: "additional game improvements."


    We'll see this one in the bargain bin 1 month after release - and if it's even half good I'll be happy to part with 30 bucks for it.

    I'm somewhat reluctant to pay $60 for a game I have played like 10 times already for the low, low cost of free. That being said, I think it's about time the developer made some real cash off his game.

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