Check Out Australia And New Zealand's Xbox 360 Avatar Army!

A while back we reported that Microsoft was giving away 100,000 Microsoft points on Facebook. Our story apparently helped triple their number of entries! But now that the comp has finished, Microsoft has created an incredible image that shows the avatar of every single person who entered. To say this pic is epic, would be a massive, pithy understatement. This pic is incredible.

If you entered - have a bash at trying to find yourself. It's like Where's Wally times a billion.


    I only found two Harlequins so I'm one of those. (Unless there are more I missed.)

    Hahah yay! I found me. There aren't that many raskull king hats, and everyone with them is wearing different shirts :)

    too easy.

    first row, above the f in facebook, one to the left

    Hm, kind of wish I'd entered just to get my avatar on there! Ha!

    Epic picture.

    try to find wally lol

      Was just thinking that - found two guys in a santa hat, but no-one wearing one with red and white stripes... surprised at the number of carrots, tho.

    Well played, Microsoft.

    I found FatShady (about 20% in from the left, middle of the page) but still can't find me. I'm sure work will be happy to let me spend the day continue searching!

    Let this be the end of snide comments about the avatar marketplace... judging by this pic people are buying plenty of avatar gear...

    I can't remember if I entered, so that adds a whole new dimension to the search :)

    Where's Wally? ...well, he may not actually be here at all.

    Yeah i went through this yesterday and found myself when they posted the winner (of which i was not one of :( )

    I foudnd myself within a couple of minutes, so yay me!

    It really amazed me how many people have gone with stuff sooo similar to others, though lol

    I can't remember if I entered this or not...

    Checked twice and even zoomed in on the pic and I couldn't find me :(

    Unless there is an identical avatar to mine, I found me straight away! Top line, fourth from the left.
    You decide:

      I am one avatar away from you. Sixth from the left. :3

    Found me, right up the back in the middle. Only one in a Dead Space 2 Helmet, and Dead Space 1 suit.

    Man that was fun.... I thiunk this was a really good idea.

    Am I the only guy in Trials HD gear???

    We should do an image of all the kotaku crew....?

    The link in "giving away 100,000 Microsoft points" is going to the Allure media OWA login screen - just FYI.

    Picture is pretty epic - matches what having 100,000 MSP in one's account would be like!

    ARGH. Found half of my friends list but can't find myself. Doesn't help I just made some radical changes to my avatar so I'm not even sure what I'm looking for.

    Think I found me, I'm the only one with the Crackdown zombie mask :)

    Glad to see they removed all the modded avatars too! lol

    Anyone noticed that some of that avatars seem a bit larger then normal? or was I just looking at the picture too long? :P

    Why do all 360 avatars stand like they have had something up their arse before, It really aggravates me.

    I should have changed mine to look like Osama Bin Laden... or Wally... or Carmen San Diego.

    It took me half an hour to find myself (it's like Where's Wally) Portal 2 Hat, Sunglasses, Goatee, Monday Night Combat T-Shirt - bottom left second row!

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