Check Out The First 40 Minutes Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Check Out The First 40 Minutes Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution
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Deus Ex: Human Revolution has had a leaked preview build available online for a few weeks now, letting people try the game out ahead of its release.

It’s not the whole game – just the opening sections – and as such, publishers Square Enix have been seemingly cool with people downloading it and giving it a try. If you lack the will or means to do so on a PC, here’s someone playing through the first forty minutes of the game, recorded for your viewing pleasure.

Note that this is from a preview build, and not the final game (which isn’t due until August), so if something looks a little janky, that may be why.

Walkthrough [Super Punch]


  • Theres a guy that has a single 50min-something video on youtube. I saw no major flaws par a couple of frame-rate drops.

    The game looks finished.

  • Still looks smoother than most games POST release these days.

    This footage gives me faith that the last few months of development will be spent creating auxilllary content and fleshing out the whole experience rather than squashing alpha bugs.

    Heres to producers getting the dev time right for once.

  • I’ve been trying to dodging everything to do with this game to avoid spoilers and ruining “oh snap!” moments. Though I am so tempted to have a look at this early build.

  • If you go to the belmoussi youtube channel he has 14 parts of this game. Each going for 10 minutes or more. There is also 3 parts of fear 3.

  • OMG! When will developers learn that you don’t get static with a digital signal! If you get interference then you simply lose data. ARGH! I hate it when developers do this!

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