Check Out These Official PS3 Cans

This September, Sony is releasing an official PlayStation 3 Wireless Stereo Headset. It's priced at US$99.99 and features 7.1 virtual surround sound.

The headset also has on-screen status updates, a built-in rechargable battery, and a retractable mic.


    I know they look goofy, but I actually like these.

    Luke posted this last week:

    Not sure if I'll bother myself, they look a bit big and chunky for me

      Err yeah double post. I smell paid product placement in Kotaku! *gasp*

    what a waste of a usb port should of been bluetooth

      I believe Bluetooth technology is unable to go beyond 2.0 stereo as of yet. These are 7.1 headphones.

    WHY A DONGLE? i do not have enough usb ports on the ps3 as is!

      My sentiments exactly.

        Ps3 Bluetooth doesnt support streaming of audio, only chat audio. If their Bluetooth hardware even had that function, they should update the OS to unlock it

      Hooray for older model PS3s, with their four USB ports

        Or, shock horror, you could get one of those super expensive USB hubs.


    Sony's foray into audio has been lacklustre for a long time. If this was 1997 it'd be great but in 2011? No thanks.

    Cheap as hell for "surround" wireless headphones though. Will wait for reviews on it though.

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