Check Out This $US950 Version Of Pong

iTari looks to turn the iPad into a full-blown television console for a mere $US950.

That's the cost of an iPad, two iPhones and the cables needed to hook the iPad into the television. Steep cost of entry aside there's also the whole lack of support issue with only Pong running on the iTari proof of concept put together by developers Two Guys from Poland.

The concept uses the teams Joypad app to turn the iPhones into game controllers.

Hmm, maybe they should just go buy a Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360, and pocket the change.


    Most Apple users will probably snap this up, they're certainly used to paying more for less.

      True, they are used to good design.

    If you're including the cost of an iPad and two iPhones, you may as well include the cost of the TV.

    For people who already have those things - which is surely who this is aimed at, if it's anything other than proof of concept - the cost is just the cables and app/s.

    Having the iPad as a second screen to keep score looks kinda cool, but the controllers should use the "slide your finger up and down" technique, rather than just a D-pad.

    And, yeah: "Pong. Whoo."

    It's still an interesting idea, though.

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