Chrome Skins Are Gears Of War 3's Unlockable Reward For Loyal Gears Players

In December, Epic Games creative boss Cliff Bleszinski said Gears of War 3 would feature unlockables that fans can acquire by playing other Epic games, such as the first two Gears of War. Yesterday, Gears 3's executive producer let slip what some of them will be.

"If you did something in 'Gears' PC you get a chrome skin, if you did something in 'Gears 2' you get a chrome skin," Rod Fergusson told MTV Multiplayer. "The chrome set is sort of our thank-you to people who played our games in the past."

Don't worry, that's not all the game is offering. Fergusson said there are more weapon skins tied to historical achievements. For example, "Two of the weapon skins are based on historical weapon skins, so if you want the gold lancer and the gold hammerburst in 'Gears 3,' you get them by owning the gold hammerburst and the gold lancer in 'Gears 2,' so those skins transfer over," he said.

The unlock system is based on achievements, Fergusson said. Again we're talking skins here, not anything that delivers a competitive advantage. There's a more detailed explanation at the link.

'Gears Of War 3' Unlocks For Playing Past 'Gears' Games Detailed By Epic [MTV Multiplayer]


    Sweet, I should have a fair few unlocks then :)

    Wish they'd list what they were, would like to go back and finish off the requirments before GoW3 comes out

      That's a big ditto.

      Come on Epic, spill the beans and we'll boost Gears 1 and 2 hours on Live in return. We're all chieve ho's here.


    I had both the gold skins for the Hammerburst and Lancer in Gears 2.

    I was really hoping I could still keep em in Gears 3.

    Dom dies in act 3

    There are no unlocks in gears 3. You can only unlock stuff as a beta tester

    oh yeah thanks to popular request we killed of dom instead of carmine.

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