Cold Water Thrown On Smash Bros For Wii U And 3DS

At Nintendo's E3 press event, Nintendo honco Satoru Iwata revealed that Smash Bros was heading to the Wii U and the 3DS. There are no screenshots of the games. Nothing. That's because work on neither title has begun.

According to Smash Bros designer Masahiro Sakurai, "Honestly, at this point, we shouldn't be announcing these games to the general public, but since we need to assemble developers for the games, we made them public."

Sakurai added that work on the games has not started, and their future is dependent on the ability of those recruited to work on the titles.

Sakurai heads up new Nintendo subsidiary Project Sora, hence the interest (and need) to recruit development staff. Super Smash Bros Brawl was developed by a variety of studios, including Monolith Soft and Game Arts.

【Multi】E3 2011:Wii U&3DS『スマッシュブラザーズ』の開発がアナウンス。両ハード版の連携もあり [ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし]


    Yeah it was obvious with how he said it.
    It was like 'I'm gonna have a chat with the man and talk about the possibility of Smash on these devices, yo'

    I'd also like to reveal that the wii U will be getting a HD remake of FF7, assuming someone like wants to make it some point in the future. It'll be exclusive, unless it's not.


      While they're at it, make an HD remake of FF 8 and 9 too, and all the Zelda games I've missed since Majora's Mask...

      I would buy that console for those games alone.

    I'm guessing smash bros wont take huge amount of time to make so it'll probably be out within 6-12 months after the 'wii u' release.

      Man you don't even know. I followed the SSBB Dojo for like 3 years before they finally released it.

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