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Well this week rounded out nicely for me, personally, with a heap of Metal Gear Solid news. But, more importantly, it was yet another week where this amazing community did more amazing things. Amazing!

But let's get on to the most timely question of the week - who the hell is Jeeves?!

Jeeves. Not since Plainview have I seen such a captivating mystery. Who are you? Where do you come from? Who is this 'young master' you speak of. Answers below please!

And speaking of young masters. Welcome back Plainview - you've been sorely missed. When you posted your regular comment to my regular 'While You Were Sleeping' post it was with great pleasure and pride that I clicked 'Approve'. Welcome back old sport.

Now onto the nominations - or, the 'noms' as they are now known.

Personally I'd like to give a personal shout out to the Loops. As usual you play a pivotal role in our little community. Awesome 'Jeeves' t-shirt, Kotaku chronicles. But everyone knows you're awesome, so we'll move on shall we?

Strange - you get a nomination from me for always nominating someone! Also, you got a real proper nomination for sorting the Loops out with a copy of 3D Dot Game Heroes or whatever that game is called!

Also, these folks aren't always as active in Talk Amongst Yourselves, but I'd like to give a warm thanks to folks like Braaains, 706, and Fenixius. Strange nominated you three guys specifically for always making the comments on articles worth reading. I second this nomination.

Jamie Watt - you won not that long ago, but awesome job organising this weekend's Sydney meet up. I should be able to make it! And hope to see you guys there.

But… this week's Kudos goes to Batguy for doing such a great job with this week's CheapSkate Gamer. Tadmod got a job here partly because he was so reliable during his tenure, and Lamboman007 as a pretty big prize on the way, so I think it's only fair that you get your dues. Particularly as you did such an exhaustive job of seeking out bargains.

Alright - time for me to wrap it up. Next week is E3 week, so expect some big things, and some long work hours for me! See you then!

Thanks again everyone for making my job the best job in the world.

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.




    Congrats Batguy! Tops effort on the post! :) Well done sire!

      Agreed, cheapskate this week was awesome
      Thanks again Batguy :D

    Woot! onya Batguy!!!

    Markkkkkkk, are you purposely ignoring my tweets about noms!!??? I nomed 3.. THREEE GAHHHHH. I'll go back to emails then shall I?

      I think I got it! I went back through them. Garr. Must have not gone back far enough. Sorry!

    Congrats, Batguy!

    Yeah, I should get into TAY, but every time I see it there it's got 254786675 comments on it and I just go "nah" and move on to something more manageable.

    I was going to nominate Mark himself for his work on this week's Ask Me Stuff but... well... yeah... *awkward silence* :P

      One of your all time asked questions has just been answered. Check the front page! (I'll do a double shift next week things have been hectic!)

    Who is Jeeves? Jeeves is my butler, of course!


      Quite right, sir.
      To answer the questions posed: I am Jeeves, sir. I was was conceived in Butlerville, Indiana, but born in London and raised in a small dwelling on Butler Place in Westminster. And well, the young master is the young master.
      I appreciate the warm reception, to all madams and sirs of the Kotaku community, I say Thank You.
      Also much congratulations to Master Plainview, Master Chuloopa, Mistress Strange, Master Braaains, Master 706, Master Fenixius, Master Watt, and Master Batguy.
      Now if you'll excuse me, the young master is demanding I pick out his belly button lint.

    Well done Batguy it was certainly a good read.
    Well deserved Kudos!


    Crap. Exams next week. I think the only logical thing to do is start playing MGS3 again. Congrats all for being awesome, hope the mini-meat goes well, and have a good weekend.

    Congrats Batguy!
    [inserts witty comment here that I can't think of right now due to sleepiness]

    Aw shucks. Thanks Mark and Kommunity! It was nice to give something back after all the enjoyment I get from this site.

    I was really happy with how the article turned out in the end and then flattered by everybody's praise. Hopefully some of you picked up some good deals as a result of my work (Though I think Strange's guitar deal in the comments was actually the best of the lot!)

    Might see some of you tomorrow night!

    I wish I could have been around more. Congrats batguy. Hope to see some of you tomorrow

    Congrats Batguy, and thanks to everyone for making yet another week awesome.

    That was an epic Cheapskate, Batguy. Congrats!

    Also, I kind of have a request/idea. CK is usually posted about last thing on a Friday but could we have it slightly earlier, say around 4:30 so we can all see it and give the winner our adoration before we all go our separate ways for the weekend?

    Thanks, Mark.

    Always happy to visit . . . & somehow I even walked away with an amazing Sughly original destined for my office wall just as soon as possible.

    Jeeves is an absolute delight and there’s always well paid work for him here; it’s dangerous work and that needs to be said, but I know now more than ever that Jeeves is the man for the job.

    Batguy did a good job of something? That’s of no surprise to me and news to no one! This an outrage, Mr Serrels! I demand satisfaction in the form of more enlightening news and I shall return next week to seek payment/compensation.

    On a happier note: next week looks swell like bikinis and red vintage convertibles and an orange sunset punctuated with a fluffy cloud puffed sky.

    Because to err is human, to forgive to divine - so I, in due course, will forget about this small oversight regarding our Batguy disagreements that upon the rising sun surges away from me now as nothing more than water under the bridge and in time I will see I was wrong to question your decision; but for now my outrage boils inside of me unchecked and without limitation.

    So it is with gritted teeth and insincere smile that i say, “Well done Batguy.” And there is a sense of conviction and sincerity to my words that hides my jealousy, my feelings of impossible inadequacy.

    To the victor go the spoils and all that kind of business. Chin up and one foot in front of the other.

    This is character building for me if anything, I need this.

    Thank you, Batguy, for [again through gritted teeth] making me a better person.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Through gritted teeth,


    : (

    Lil late but congrats Batguy!!
    I have meat envy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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