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Hey guys, I'm really sorry but this bloody Dead or Alive story has had me chasing my tail for the last hour, so if this week's Community Kudos is a bit short, that's why!

Alright, so today I'm at my desk. Just about to go for lunch and my phone rings.

"Hello, Mark speaking."

"Hi, I have a delivery for Mark Serrels."

I go to the front door and who is it? Sir Eats-a-lot!

I was pretty shocked. She then handed me a envelope, and inside it was this.

Wow guys. Thanks so much! I can't believe that Eats-a-Lot came all that way to give me. Thanks so much Endu and Batguy - apparently this was your idea. But really - thanks to all you guys. I was really chuffed.

For ruining her lunch break to bring this down to me, I'd like to pull rank and give Eats-a-lot Community Kudos. I had a handful of noms, but it was an awesome gesture and I really appreciate it. Not only did she come to the office, but she was so careful to let me know that this was from everyone.


Batguy nominated Jamie Watt for being awesome and organising the Sydney Meat!

dzc12 nominated Sughly for sending him a sweet zombie fig - whatever the fig means!

Alright I've got to go - I'm late and my wife is going to kill me!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Awww. Now I'm almost crying again, but in a good way this time.
    Congrats, Eats! You Sydney Mini-Meat guys are outshining us all!

      Wait, why are you almost crying again? And why is Sir Eats a lot giving Mark free TMNT related stuff? And why is TadMod looking for domain names? Why is Mark married to a murderer? And why does this picture look like Walter White/Gordon Freeman?

      Why is it so much stuff happens when I have exams?!?!?!?!?

    Another Sydney meet? Can someone fill me on on the details?

    Congrats Eats-a-lot!

    'Twas a nice week.

    I "enjoyed" the E3 liveblogs, and utter exhaustion :)

    Nice work Sydney Meat people.

    Congratulations Janitor, maybe we could reward you by promoting you to "Office Bitch." Up to you about which one you prefer.

    Should I ask why you're coming down to my terrible fair city Mark? Oh well, nice tags as usual, and sorry to Rocketman and AP, as I meant to nominate you both (what a wonderful gesture Blaghs! /sarcasm) but forgot.

    Awwwww here i was hoping that Duke had left a bunch of his games behind that Mark could hand out to a few people :P hehe

    Congratulations, Soul Consumer!! Very deserved!


    It is a rad plate, that's for sure.
    Blood, sweat and tears went into earning that.
    Maybe wash it first though. Probably tastes like salty blood.

    Seamus wigs?
    congrats harli! :D you make us sydney meat people so proud!!

    Here's the plate with all the crew after we won it at Galaxy World on Saturday!

      If you look hard enough you can see the "Oh crap a picture I gotta get out of here oh no they have trapped me there is this damned roulette table thingy in the way I can't run ohgodohgodohgod quick awkward smile time to try get this over and done with"-fear in my eyes.

      wow looks like a good times was had...
      dam me for living in nz....

    Bahaha! Thanks Mark =] Was an absolute pleasure catching up with you guys, hardly 'ruined' anything if at all!

      Congrats eats!!!

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