Community Review: Child Of Eden

Probably best to inform you all that things are about to get gushy. It’s a well known fact that certain video games have the power to ‘inspire’ me to write reviews that read like terrible, pretentious teenage poetry. I’ve got the feeling that the awesome Child of Eden will be one of those games…

So yes, Child of Eden is like the patter of light summer rain beating against the window of my eternally suffering soul. The fluttering wings of a solitary butterfly, flapping keen against the ripplings of my beating heart.


It’s like the smell of summer dew as the sun rises strong over a buttermilk moon. It is the alpha and the ZOMGega. The muse to my flailing arms, an ode my em-broadened limbs.

Child of Eden – will you be my girlfriend?

[Snaps out of it]

So, yes, I’m currently a little bit enamoured with Child of Eden, and I think that mostly has to do with the fact that it’s a game solely concerned with how it works as an immediate experience. It’s a game that constantly hammers feedback directly into your retinas and lugholes, to the extent that you always feel involved in this strange and constantly shifting universe. Child of Eden is tactile like that – which is probably the main reason why it feels so involving and fun.

Child of Eden is a game that feels like it embraces the possibilities of sound as design. It’s probably not a flexible as I think it is – but the smoke and mirrors is such that it feels flexible, it feels as though I’m involved, and that is enough. It’s short, and perhaps under delivers in terms of its feature set, but as a gamer who feels completely exhausted with the constant deluge of me-too shooters, Child of Eden feels like a game I needed in my life – a game I needed to play. In a sense it’s replenished my faith in the ability of gaming to provide fresh experiences.

See – I told you about the bad teenage poetry.

Anyway, this is a Community Review, and I’m keen to hear what you guys thought of the game.

Let me know in the comments below.

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