Community Review: Duke Nukem Forever

Community Review: Duke Nukem Forever

Community Review: Duke Nukem ForeverAlright – I’m going to admit it. I haven’t played Duke Nukem Forever and, considering the fact that InFamous 2 came out last week (and I’m really enjoying it so far) I don’t have much faith in my chances of playing it at all. That is, unless you guys convince me otherwise!

Put simply – I’ve heard mixed reports. It looks like this one is strictly for the fans, for those that slapped down the pre-order a decade ago and waited 10 long years to play.

From what I’ve seen on the comments, plenty of you guys managed to pick up the game – how are you finding it so far? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Im actually really enjoying it. At first it took a bit to get into but now loving it. glad Duke is back!

    The game is obviously not without its problems but graphics aside, its a fun.shooter

  • I was never really a Duke fan, but I gave it a go after borrowing it from work, after about 20 minutes I was fairly bored. Throwing poo, taking a piss, skanky school girls ? Yep definitely a dudes game. Also, really awful graphics, the girls hair really showed that off hahaha. Ah well, gave me an excuse to wear my Japanese school girl outfit to work for the day ! ;D

  • Not even one for the fans IMO – in fact, I think hardcore duke fans will be more dissapointed in this one than the average gamer. It’s really sad to see duke go out like this 🙁

    • How can you speak for the fans when you’re clearly not one? I actually remember some comment ages ago (pretty sure it was you) saying how bad it’s going to be, and you’re sort of proving my point… (that I made in my text wall comment somewhere below) you say that stuff and that Duke’s gone out in a bad way, but that’s all you say. Not a single reason for why.

      • Reasons for why? Well, the biggest one is the juvenlization of Duke’s humor. Duke is supposed to be Ash Williams (hell, he stole most of his one liners) and now they have him picking up shit and pissing on things? I’m sorry, I thought i was playing DNF not Postal 2.

        The second are the console FPS ‘traditions’ that don’t fit with duke. Carrying only two weapons? Regenerating health? Duke does not hide behind walls with two guns, he runs head on into enemies more weapons than is humanly possible.

        On top of that you have the completely horrible and pointless RC car segments, super sluggish controls and quite sub-par visuals for today’s standards.

        Many people remember DN3D for it’s humour, but it was also a landmark game that push the technology of gaming to a whole new level. It was easily the most graphically advanced game of it’s time, and it added never before seen things to games before, like vertical aiming and (however crude) destructible environments.

        DNF is an insult to every aspect of the King’s legacy.

        • Duke’s humour wasn’t juvenile? I do recall in DN3D being able to piss in any toilet, and step in shit making foot prints around the place… were the same jokes more mature then? And it’s the comments he makes when you fling shit that are the funny part…

          The “traditions” you speak of could be taken as “problems” in any game made in the last ten years. The arguments people are making about this game are generic… And so Duke Forever is not identical to Duke 3D? Why stop at recharging health and weapon limits then? Why not go back to walking and turning with the four arrow keys and pressing control for shoot? J for jetpack? By your logic that would be the only way to get a purely authentic Duke experience.

          These are not things that made Duke 3D what it was, these were conventions of nearly every FPS at the time. What made Duke Duke was the jokes, the one liners and the interactivity of the levels, and those have been preserved.

          Also, there is one RC car segment, which is not that bad at all… (have you played this game?) I had no problem with the controls, and who cares about the graphics? Ask anyone why they loved Duke 3D, and I bet the first thing they say isn’t “graphics”.

          And dude, it’s only an insult if you don’t play it and enjoy it for what it is. No real fan was expecting it to be all those things George Broussard might have once wanted it to be. This is a tribute to Duke, not some kind of epic follow up. Be realistic… there is no game they could have released that would live up to the hype. Even if they made all those changes, people would still dislike it for something.

  • Played through it in one long sitting with my brother taking turns for each level, exploring all the interactive objects. Even though it’s a single player campaign, having someone sit with you through it and making a day of it was actually really fun. Obviously if you wanted to control every single moment of it, then this is only going to be half as fun as you’d want it to be

    Not much a community review you have there though 😛

  • i dont know why people would have such an issue about it.. Its Duke come on what did people really expect? Even back in the day graphically duke wasn’t top of the line. Not even 12 months later after 3D came out we had goldeneye. Enjoy it for what its worth at least now it can only get better in the coming years..

    • Exactly what I keep thinking, so many people are complaining about the ‘graphics’ and the textures. “F@#king shut up” is all I have to say about that. Enjoy the game for game PLAY not cause it looks pretty.

    • i think the graphics are fine, i think what people forget is the fact that when 3D realms fell apart. Whatever the game’s graphical capabilities at that point.

      Were always going to be it’s release graphics, 3D realms went bust because they were constantly restarting with an updated engine. Would have been stupidity to restart again.

      Especially as they had no idea how many people would even buy the game these days. Since alot of the newer(last 5 years gamers) will have never played the original.

      Problem is this entry probably ensures we don’t get another

  • I’ve finished it… I’m one of those people who just wanted to play this game for the humour and the atmosphere, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

    But it seems like it’s getting shit canned for absolutely irrelevant reasons… weapon limit, recharging health, no mighty foot, etc. And this stuff is not even a piss in the ocean if you’re a Duke fan. I think most people who played it have gone into it telling themselves it’s going to be shit, rather than just enjoying it and having a laugh. How could you possibly expect to enjoy a game when you’re expecting it to be bad? That is how you make a game bad…

    I even read one review that cited Duke as having no depth or character development… do you not see the irony even in the title of the game? Games like CoD get canned for taking themselves too seriously, then this comes along and it’s not serious enough. It’s the same with Halo haters… they’ll buy and play a Halo game, seemingly just so they can say how bad it is.

    Thing is this game really does justice to Duke 3D in so many ways. I’ve never laughed so much during an FPS, never really wanted to go back through the levels and find every little secret and reference. It’s a lot of fun as well, I expected a straight shooter, but it’s incredibly well paced with driving sections (HL2 style) platforming levels and levels/sections where you simply explore and interact with the environment. The variety or interactivity are things it won’t get praised for as well, but are things that it does very well.

    I think it’s true to the original vision of the game, you look at the trailers released over the years and it has elements from all of them. That and it *feels* like Duke 3D, which is something even I didn’t anticipate.

    Anyway, TLDR, personally I haven’t just sat down and enjoyed such an unashamedly mindless game in a very long time. It’s a huge change of pace. If you can see it for what it is (which is what most people have trouble doing, all they see is a game they *want* to be bad) you will really enjoy it.

    • +1

      Listen, i haven’t played Duke yet, but i plan to once i can afford to buy myself a copy (ie. price drop). And you know what? I don’t expect anything of it, and because of that i know i’ll enjoy it if i take it as it is – a mindless shooter that harks back to the days before being PC was do or die.

      No one, or seemingly very few people, approach games with an open mind and no expectations these days. I mean, i can’t say that i blame them, as copious amounts of screen shots, videos, interviews and all the other countless media strongly emphasize on creating an impression.

      But a game, to me, is like a blank canvas. You merely pick it up and work with it to the best of your abilities.

      By other peoples standards there have been MANY sub-par games that i have thoroughly enjoyed simply because as soon as i slip that disc into my console all preconceptions are lost and forgotten and i just let the digital world try to take me way.

      Take a game like Too Human. Most people i know hated it with a passion and it got slammed by reviewers for numerous reasons. But beyond petty quibbles there was a rich story just waiting to be scooped up with a novelty sized spoon, and characters that you just wanted to see more of and learn more about.

      Anyway, i’m rambling now. But my point is that games like this shouldn’t be expected upon. In Duke’s case, it shouldn’t even be taken with a hint of seriousness. It should just be played. Played and enjoyed to the fullest of your abilities.

      Lastly, people who crap on about “graphics r shit, zomgwtfbbq?!” are idiots. I am so OVER graphics whores and NONE of you are invited to my place to play some rad commodore 64 with me.

      /end rant

    • Please take off your DN3D rose tinted glasses and realise how horrible this game actually is.

      • First of all you say DN3D was so awesome and fanciful and pushed the boundaries of what was currently happening in the realm of games (even though you were completely wrong about it being the first game to offer vertical aiming and destructible environments as there had been quite a few titles from the years prior to introduce those techniques and were on par or in some cases better than DN3D) and that DNF was a disgrace to that.

        Now you’re say things like ‘Please take off your DN3D rose tinted glasses and realise how horrible this game actually is.” If people were looking at it through ‘DN3D rose tinted glasses’ as you put it then shouldn’t they be hating this game based on what you’ve said previously about DNF being so drastically different?

        Please take off your douchebag goggles and realise this game is fine.

  • It’s good fun, and the graphics on the PC aren’t too bad at all. MP is a bit of a let down, and the dedicated server function is a joke. Hopefully something can be done about that.

  • I’ve started using it as part of the disapointment scale: “On a scale of DNF to 10, how badly do you feel lied too?”. This position was previously held by Aion, for reference.

    The first level is amusing(post game-in-game), but only in a joking manner – it’s full of duke humour, but little else. I wouldn’t even say the level itself is enjoyable, with a combination of not being a duke-shoot-everything level, one of those scripted “sit here and watch” cut scenes every three minutes, and piss poor voice acting.

    Once you get out of the first level into the real game, you spend 15 minutes punching stuff, then 5 minutes on an incredibly boring turret, followed by one of the games many tedious driving sections.

    I wanted an actual shooter, where I had more weapons than a small army, limited health, the ability to get lost, and would regularly die in many painful ways. I got pea shooters, corridors, borderline cheating health regen, and boring, repetitive enemies that I actually felt sorry for.

    I will, however, give props for the ego system. It replace health, and acts accordingly, but instead of getting health packs, in addition to auto-regen, you can execute nearly dead enemies to restore the ego/health, which feels very duke(despite underwhelming animation). Also, the max ego/health is buffed by finding ego boosting activities, such as mirrors, slapping alien wall boobs(Seriously..), or lifting weights. It’s just health with a different skin pack, sure, but it fits the setting so perfectly it needs mention.

    I don’t hold the game against gearbox, given all they did was develop it – the design document they had to adhere to was already written by 3d realms. It’s obvious when a developer has no faith in their game being fun, though, and it’s here in spades – I consider this good, though, as devs who know they made a piss-poor game generally improve afterwards, and that speaks well for borderlands2.

    Overall? 0/10, I wouldn’t even accept it as a gift. It’s a serious disappointment, makes CoD look revolutionary, and has, literally for a change, ruined some very fond childhood memories. Do Not Buy.

  • Picked it up on PC and after about 15 hours of game time on hard difficulty finished it. Every time I stepped away from it, I just had to sit back down and play.

    It is a really good FPS, not the best, but certainly very good. It reminded me of F.E.A.R and F.E.A.R 2. It had a good mixture of well corriographed battles and simple physics puzzles. Boss battles were challenging and fun. I never got through a level without dying at least once (hard difficulty).

    The humour was juvenile, exactly what I’ve come to expect from Duke Nukem games, and I found it funny in parts. Sometimes I even laughed out loud, sometimes I groaned out load. The game should not have been rated MA15+, there’s a scene where your goal is to gather a condom, a dildo, and a bag of popcorn for a stripper so she can role play for you. No tasstles covering these titties either. And there’s a ‘Glory Hole’ moment, I won’t go into it.

    There were a couple of bad design decisions at the start if the game though, particularly the ‘this is how you use game mechanics’ tutorial style parts. It was like it was done by someone who had just graduated from design school and knew what the basics of design were, but had never done it before. This only lasts up to the first hour or 2 though, then it starts getting really good.

    I didn’t have a problem with the graphics, they were at the standard of many 360 and PS3 games. And the controls on the PC were fine, though I did have to adjust the mouse sensitivity.

    I was happy to find that this is a true successor of Duke Nukem 3D. Sure the game mechanics have grown up. Life regenerates and the Duke can only use 2 guns at a time, but this allows the designers more freedom in battle coreography, and I still found the game very difficult and stressful at times.

    Overall I had a blast, I’m looking forward to checking out the multiplayer, and replaying on insane at some point. It’s put me in the mood to go playe Duke Nukem 3d again to see if it holds up against Duke Nukem Forever.

  • I loved this game despite what the reviews say. Yes the graphics aren’t very impressive I admit that but that doesn’t matter with this game. DNF shouldn’t be takin seriously because it’s a joke and I mean that in a nice way.

    Online isn’t too bad either with the game browser making it much easier to find games with little lag. Makes me wonder why other games don’t have a game browser GRAW2 does.

    This game gives me heaps of enjoyment and although it may not have a long gameplay life atleast it isn’t another Homefront.

  • I’m finding it more interesting on a meta-level than as an actual, enjoyable game. In many respects, it’s a commentary on game design over the past decade. Playing Duke has reminded me just how far we’ve come – and also how far we’ve got to go.

    That said, I’m really hoping that it gets better as a game sometime soon.

  • Its not bad
    But its certainly not good

    People says it funny but I don’t see how
    It just throws in references, like Leeroy Jenkins and your expected to laugh, because just saying ” goddamn it leeroy” is a joke apparentlly”

    Its like the people who wrote Meet the Spartans were in charge of the joke writing for this game, throwing in references left and right hoping that one of them would stick

    The multiplayer is really good and fun……. if you can find a match that doesn’t lag to high hell because its p2p and their dedicated servers don’t work. Hell you can’t even find games for it most of the time

    Then theres the turret sections, which have to be the most boring part of it
    Plus theres noting colourful about it, its all grey and brown.
    Bulletstorm did a better job of taking us back to Dukes day than this game does

    Honestly the best part is the strip club and the first hour in his apartment and on the that tv show set
    I haven’t finished it so I don’t know if it gets better, but so far its average at best, which would be saved by its multiplayer, that for reasons unknown to me, does not work because they half assed it.

    Now I understand Gearbox just essentially put the pieces left behind together, so if they make another game I’m hoping they can actually make a good game out of Duke from their own material

    If not, well its been fun knowing you Duke, too bad it didn’t end well fo you

  • Even by Gearbox’s own team they’ve stated that they wanted to release it more or less as it would have been over a decade ago. Pitchford himself stated that he felt releasing the game this way was the only way to be finished with the “Forever” debacle. I never expected anything more and I wasn’t asked to. The game isn’t great, the humour is still stupid, the graphics look like they’ve just been updated from ages past… exactly what it was always going to be. The reason it doesn’t hold up to today’s standards is because it didn’t hold itself to today’s standards because it’s a decade old game that was left unfinished.

    If the next Duke comes out and it’s equally as dated then we’ve got cause for frustration. But this is a project from a bygone age, left largely unchanged. It was a ballsy move to release the game as it would have been but again, nothing more was promised to you.

  • I went in with low expectations, but somehow still got disappointed. 🙁

    I could have a bit better if there was no story/talking sections where you have no choice but to listen (this is a Duke game, what’s the point?), the ability to hold more than 2 weapons, and NO VEHICLE SECTIONS.

  • George Broussard’s unfinished jerk-off fantasy is a dreg of a game that reeks in every department. It’s the type of game that may have been passable as a launch title for the current generation platforms, but not today. Not now. Horrendous graphics and framerate/performance and boring, uninspired gameplay and level design. So sad, too bad.

  • I watched a friend play through most of it on Xbox and played the demo on PC.

    Oddly enough the gameplay seems more solid on PC because of the twitch aiming.

    I think it’s a decent budget title and an interesting slice of gaming history – you can really see all the different games it was going to be along the way, what with the inconsistent pacing and level design – from the almost tacky levels of ‘dude-ness’ in the casino to the overly dark and somewhat disturbing ‘we just finished working on Prey’ mid-game to the arbitrary but incredibly entertaining ‘adventures of mini-duke’… coupled with alternating arena battles, corridor fights and jumping puzzles respectively.

    Gameplay-wise I think my only real gripes (apart from loose aiming on Xbox) are 2-weapon limit and limited weapon selection (should have been 3-4 along with dual-wielding for better combined arms strategies), and poor difficulty balancing (some of it seemed a bit Kane&Lynch in terms of ‘easy mode’. Recharging health worked well enough except for the contradiction of ‘if your ego is bruised, act like a coward and run away to replenish it’.

    Though duke seems far too much of a lightweight with the beer!

    I’m on the side of those who concede that Gearbox basically stitched together Frankenstein’s monster to get him out there to the world, but might hopefully be able to do a proper job of an original Duke game a couple of years down the track. (almost like EA’s attempt to reboot the old Medal of Honour series – it didn’t need to be a ‘good’ game, just ‘good enough’ in this particular instance – hence why they considered it successful despite such mixed reviews)

    My friend and I also found it interesting comparing DNF to Matt Hazard – which in some ways did better what DNF was intending (though difficulty scaling issues inclusive) – and I would suggest anyone interested check it out as well, because it was another title far better than reviews gave credit for, so long as you don’t pay full price!

  • As some one who still LANs Duke3D pretty often, I couldn’t stand it. It’s not a Duke game. They needed to work on the series more because Duke’s parody is irrelevant and they dropped the awesomely large, well designed levels.

  • I actually quite enjoyed this game. I’m sick of all the COD games and their numerous clones.

    Its a fun game that doesn’t take itself seriously.
    Who cares about recharging health (cod does it) or 2 weapon limit, again cod does that too.

    The game had some really good laughs and was a fun shooter. The weapons are fun, especially the freeze gun and the shrinker.

    Its a great laugh and a lot of fun. I hope Duke comes back again soon. Well worth playing imo.

  • I’ve had a blast with it. It’s not innovative or genre defining but then, it was never meant to be. It’s dumb stupid fun that will make you laugh and in that regard, it does a great job.

    Most complaints I’ve seen about seem to be from people that want all their games to be glorified tech demos. That a game is no good unless it has all new tech and an engine built from scratch. I say, stop being so stuck up and elitist and just enjoy a game for once.

  • DNF is the first game for me since Demons Souls that I have been able to sit down and play for 6 to 7 hours straight. It’s a bag of fun with the pacing and variation done really well.

  • I haven’t played enough of it to have an opinion.

    I can say that graphics wise (on 360) it looks average.

  • I was enjoying it, as dated as it is, then about half-way through in that construction pit with the moving containers.. I just lost all interest, ejected the disk and played Crysis 2 for the rest of the afternoon. What a difference that made 🙂 Games going back today, not worth $88 – can be had for around 40 delivered on ebay already

  • Real dissapointment was the 2 weapons and the fact that it’s so goddamned linear with stupid stalling techniques.

    I miss the days where we had a maze of a level that actually promoted getting sidetracked for secrets like getting an RPG at the very start of the first level.

    And there isn’t a cracked wall in sight that i can break down with a rocket launcher.

    I enjoyed it because it was duke, but these modern fps things that its added ruin the experience somewhat.

    Oh and EGO is the most stupid system ever. It is no indication whatsoever of your health since even if it goes flashing red you can sometimes take another 10 hits of the assault trooper.

    Not to mention that the enemy’s looked much cooler in DN3D. in this they are more blurs of color for the most part

  • It’s fun.
    I don’t think a game like this should have a numeric value as a review.
    It’s like any sort of stupid comedy movie really.
    Critically it’s not going to win an Oscar for Best Picture, but heck, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy watching it.
    That’s what Duke is meant to be. Stupid/immature/crude fun that doesn’t take itself seriously at all.

  • Once it gets going its a good shooter, there’s nothing wrong with it, its good for the reason that all the levels are themed and varied and it has some SP length. The PC version is fine graphics wise 2, not great but decent. Haters gonna hate I’m afraid.

  • For all those people disagreeing that this game isn’t as horrible as others say it is… Do you seriously believe that almost every professional reviewer who have played through and reviewed this game to be incorrect?!? Honestly… this game does bring back some of the nostalgia but it is crap when compared to other Fps …

  • To be fair, the game has a bucket full of faults… But you know what???

    It hasn’t stopped me enjoying the he’ll out of it. It’s got sole beat platformsr parts, some puzzle based parts, personally, I’ve gotten more out of it than I expected. It’s terribly out of it’s time, but it’s nice to throw back to when shit was just simpler and more fun…. Less Pc and a little crude… Sure.. Really crude. But it’s tongue in cheek sit the hell down and laugh your ass off kind of humour…

    I’m going to rate it 7-7.5…
    There’s a lot of bugs and issues, but it makes up in all the Ways only Duke Nukem can! 🙂

  • I’ve been reading reviews of DNF as they come up. I think many of them have missed the point and aren’t judging the game the way it should be. That said, there are some legitimate points.

    Firstly, lets start with the graphics (PC version). They are a bit inconsistent – some levels and characters look great, but some parts/animations/textures don’t quite gel or have the same level of polish. They are competent but not class leading. Should you care? Not really…

    Secondly, the game play. Personally I think it’s perfectly fine and true to Duke3D. The shooting and combat is action packed, the weapons are meaty and fun, and there’s a huge variety of enemies. There are some good puzzle/driving/platforming/interactivity sections which break up the pace and makes it feel like an adventure rather than just a plain shoot em up. There’s plenty of gameplay too – more than 12 hours in and I still haven’t finished it. Overall its been quite fun, I’ve grinned with enjoyment more than a few times, banged the table a couple of other times in frustration at some difficult sections, but generally am quite satisfied with it.

    Whether people should buy it comes down to what they want from a game. People keep comparing 1st person shooters to COD, but its not always fair. I’ve been getting more and more bored with that brand – they have become a mindless series of non-stop shooting generic enemies and “Push this key to activate/place/detonate/whatever”, albeit wrapped up in Michael Bay explosions and hokey plots. If you want a bit more out of your game, like a variety of enemies, pacing, exploration, interactivity, puzzle-solving, and even a sense of humour…then Duke may be more your thing. It may not do it better than the mighty HL2, Bioshock, etc but it’s certainly fun enough and worth a look.

  • On the contrary. After 12 long years of waiting, I can say im quite satisfied with this game. I suspect that ‘todays modern gamer’ is a spoilt brat.
    You get off on your QTEs and GROUND BREAKING GRAPHICS. And i dont blame you, im a modern gamer too. Its not about comparing to todays standards. what a lot of you people forget, is THIS GAME SET THOSE STANDARDS. Is it a game for the fans? absolutely. Will it attract new fans? Absolutely. Will it get dissed by people that dont like it? Read the reviews and Comments about it. Absolutely. But, the bad reviews aside, Its got everything that made Duke, Duke in the first place. Which is all we wanted. we didnt want or need a ‘re-imagining’ of Duke. we wanted What he was to begin with, and we got it like a fist in the mouth.
    Am i Bias? perhaps, but I shared a lot of the concerns expressed, and I can say the game is well implimented, in a world of giants that used Duke as their benchmark.

    @ kittyjane: I tried to read Lord of the rings when i was 12. couldnt do it. too boring. But i forced myself past that at age 14, and fell in love with the story.
    The same happens here.

  • Honestly was exactly what I expected.
    I’ve always been a Duke fan, and I came into this game with the expectation of the comedy being the most enjoyable aspect… sadly enough this was true.

    The gameplay is laggy and jumping, the loading screens are too often and too long. The save checkpoints are too far apart and some of the silliness is stupid. Duke dies from a two foot tall onto some concrete… really? When you alt tab and tab back in it resets all the shaders leaving everything blurry and distorted.

    I didn’t enjoy it, but at least it gave me a few laughs. I wouldn’t recommend it for the price it’s been sold at.

  • After reading it, Stephen Totilo seems to have summed up just about every thought I had about this game:

    DNF is a game that exists just to EXIST. What other game is considered an achievement to just be released?

    I think 3D realms going under was when this game died, after that point, nothing would ever make it good again. It’s really quite a shame when you see other ‘vapourware’ like TF2 come out of left feild and absolutely blow you away.

  • Whatever the case, as another great reviewer once said, If you base all your video game requirements on what a reviewer says, you probably shouldnt play video games

    More true words have never been spoken.

  • I’m making my way through it. Hadn’t any expectations at all. I’m not a hard core shooter fan. BioShock grabbed me for the art and story and atmosphere, but I still was able to complete that with my meagre skills.

    By contrast, DNF is not in the same league for art or story. I wasn’t expecting it to be. The game play seems much easier than I’d have expected, ie I can get through it pretty easily.

    The humour is a bit hit and miss, but sometimes I laugh at the inanity of Duke’s lines. “Take a teleport – to hell!” got a giggle. For me, who’s never played a Duke game before, it comes across like an Austin Powers character just slotted into action hero rather than the spy genre. And the game itself seems a weird combo of FPS and late-era Leisure Suit Larry. The item hunt in the strip club really made me think of the latter!

    Perhaps the thing that sticks with me most is the bizarre week of release. DNF is actually out. It’s chock full of “adult concepts” like taking a whiz, getting an Achievement for fooling with poo and a working glory hole with in-game health increase for using it. I don’t know of any other game hereabouts with such material. Yet the busty fighter game for 3DS – which by all accounts I’ve read is actually a pretty decent game – gets pulled from the shelves because some folk are concerned that the non-child looking non-real characters in the game might be mistaken for real children, and that the voyeuristic side feature would be in very bad form in that case.

    What’s going on here?!

    No doubt now Dead Or Alive: Dimensions has been pulled, those baying for blood in the name of protecting children or the rights of women or fill-in-the-blank will surely be looking at DNF. I don’t dispute it shouldn’t be R18, but it’s hardly the publisher’s fault Australia still ain’t got one. The hubbub of last week probably didn’t help too much in getting it happening. I just hope Duke Nukem isn’t the unwilling star of next week’s manufactured media furore for the delight of certain folks who always know what’s best for everyone else – but I won’t be too surprised if that’s how it goes!

  • I relly enjoyed this game… Its Duke Nukem, yes its no GOTY material but who cares???

    Are people that shallow that they think this game is bad because of the graphics… yes the visuals are bad on consoles but are fine on PC. Graphics do not make a game good or bad.

  • I haven’t played it yet, but I’m going to review the community reviews.
    Even here, the divisive nature of the game is noticable.
    For all those people complaining about the lack of polish and graphics, this is essentially a 10-year-old game which has been put through the wringer more than twice in an attempt to keep up with the graphics race and been worked on by a rotating team for close to a decade then dumped in a garage to be continued by a dedicated team who had oput in too much time to see it vanish entirely.
    This is a game which was only barely released, let alone launched, after 12 years in development hell and having funding pulled altogether as it neared release.
    It can be agreed that while this is not a great game, it seems to be a fun game.
    It will not please the COD junkies, or the Gears diehards, or the people who xpected DN3D with a coat of paint (for shame).
    I’m going to approach this like anyone should. Like it’s a game. Made for fun, not for serious. Not to revolutionise but to entertain.
    And be glad that someone took notice of a game which was struggling to at least keep it’s promise to fans.

    PS For all those people who point to COD or HALO as examples of what to do, they found something that worked and repeated it ad nauseum, all they do is up the graphics, add a weapon. The gameplay doesn’t significantly change or evolve.

  • I think People need to understand something very simple. This game was not made in the past year, two years, or 5 years for that matter… Gearbox finished it according to 3D Realms’ original design doc. Which is closer to 10 years old. You can’t say it’s ‘shit’ because it shows its age. Nobody faults all these HD remakes for their ‘antiquated design choices’ or whatever… and that’s basically what this game is… an ‘HD remake’ of a game that never was released.

    It plays just like it would have ~10 years ago… and with all that in mind I’d say it’s at least decent.

    I realize people are hating on it just because it *is* Duke Nukem Forever… and lots of hate is going around for Duke as a character due to the way culture has changed… but I do think it’s unfair to not consider the history of what you’re actually playing.

    All that being said? I do think the choices made regarding the 2-weapon limit and the regenerating health were bad ideas. Bad ideas are bad ideas no matter when they were made. ;-P

  • Its a bit shit really, the novelty of Duke has long since gone away. I would have rather paid £5-10 for a remastered copy of the original that sent everyone crazy! More studios should have dedicated teams just there to remaster old classics!

    I wanna see GTA:III/VC/SA remastered and have SA with multiplayer and co-op. Release that and it will sell better than GTAIV: FACT!

  • Well despite what anyone else says, I am enjoying the game so far. Only being 19 when I played DN3D on PC and Land of the babes on PS1 much of the adult humour and jokes were lost on me, but I’m finding the jokes in forever more hit than miss, and all the 80’s references are great.

    I hear a lot of people complaining about graphics and how ‘out dated’ the game looks, which to me is just about the most moronic thing for a gamer to say. Graphics in games had never needed to be super realistic, just so long as you can tell what is an enemy, what is scenery and which way you need to go is all you should need, and that is what Forever has.

    I also see a lot of hate on these RC segments. It’s a part of the game that takes very little time to complete, and personally I found it quite simple and enjoyable, not really sure what the problem for other people is.

    Anyway, to conclude my sleep deprived ramblings, you will probably like Forever if:
    1. You are a fan of 80’s pop culture
    2. You don’t mind if graphics aren’t ‘ultra super realistic’
    3. You were a fan of Duke
    4. You find Duke’s sense of adult humor funny.

  • I am actually enjoying it. This was never going to be as big and amazing as gearbox made it out to be. It’s fun while it lasts and the humour is a throwback to 1996. If you want something different, and doesnt take itself seriously, then pick this up. If not, dont play it and jog on. That really is all there is to say on DNF.

  • I loved DN3D back in the day and while I loved DNF to begin with by the time I finished the game last night I was glad to be able to put it behind me.

  • Very disappointing. I am an original duke fan. Someone who played the game when it came out and waited ever since for it’s next generation. I understand what everyone is saying about just getting the game out there. But this entire project should have been scrapped. Now they have killed a classic character and no one will be willing to invest money in a future duke game. I would prefer to hook up with Arnold schwarzenegger’s mistress than ever play this game again. Can we start a class action to get our money back?

  • A playable and fun game; and I stand by that. I enjoyed it and wanted to see what came up next, right up to the end. It’s no GotY though – no question there – but it’s not a big heaping pile of crud either.

    I liked the fun & chunky weapons that brought me right back to 1996. Also the boss battles can be quite intense and I found them satisfying when completed. (ripping tongues out of mouths as a death strike anyone?) I even found myself flipping-the-bird to the death throes of a hard-fought boss and then laughing as I realised that Duke was doing the same. The MP, which currently can be lagged to f**k unfortunately, is fun when it works right.

    The best points people are making here are the load-times (which are WAY too long) and that it’s a game that should have been released long ago and sadly got stuck in development….which shows in some of it’s aging design choices. But there’s nothing anyone can do to change it now; clearly there was nothing more that Gearbox could do to change it for the better in 2009. If you don’t like, don’t play it – simple.

    The thing I’m most excited about now is that the Duke IP is in the more-than-safe hands of Gearbox software, who will no-doubt continue the franchise (based on initial sales figures) with future titles built from the ground up with more modern design principals. Yay!

    So while Duke’s regrettable last 14 years is now finally closed with the release of DNF, his future has never looked brighter.

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