Community Review: Ocarina Of Time 3D

Alright - so I'm pretty sure a bunch of you folks managed to get a copy of this game early as a result of the weirdest street break in Australian history - what are your thoughts so far?

I have mixed feelings. Ocarina of Time is such an important game to me, but it's still very much a product of its time. The visuals are a huge leap above the original, and do a great job of reproducing the Ocarina of Time that exists in your rose-tinted memory, as opposed to the chuggy, texture-less truth that is the original - but history has made its expansive overworld seem small, and its grandeur a little overblown. Some of the dungeon design, which was so refined and peerless upon release, feels a little clumsy post-Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

Still - I could almost feel the sheer weight of nostalgia and history pushing me through the entire experience. The game may not have dated as well as, say, A Link to the Past, but the remake provides just the right amount of sheen for it to feel magical again. Ocarina of Time is often credited as being the video game equivalent of Citizen Kane - but that is perhaps the most redundant and false analogy possible. A better one may be Metropolis, a towering achievement that has inspired an art form to greater things. It's legacy is indisputable, but alongside other classic leaps into 3D, time hasn't been kind in every regard.

How are you guys finding it so far?


    When i first played this game.. I liked it but thought Goldeneye was better.

    Since playing through it again, I keep finding myself saying 'thats fucking genius'.

    I think most things created (especially something that is heavily revolved around technology) will feel a bit dated after 10 years. But i honestly think it's aged like a fine wine.

    I haven't played the 3DS remake, but I think the Citizen Kane comparison makes sense when you consider that Kane pioneered many filmmaking and storytelling techniques.

    In terms of gaming, Ocarina of Time did that (along with Mario 64, which used the same engine). At least, when you think of 3D games.

    Critique aside, it's still an amazingly fun game and in the end, that's all that matters.

    Am crying to myself because I don't have a 3DS and can't play it. Was still very tempted to go out and buy a copy when street date was broken, just in case I got a 3DS through some miracle.

    I haven't played the 3DS version because I couldn't justify spending money on another handheld that I just wouldn't play, let alone a game with updated visuals.

    For the record, I'm not putting the game down (I'm a massive fan of Ocarina of Time *and* Majora's Mask)... but in a fight where its Nostalgia vs. My Wallet - sadly, my wallet always wins.

      Happily for me (but sadly for my wife and kids) Nostalgia always wins over my wallet :)

    I'm loving it. So far, however, I've found the game far, far easier than I remembered. Whether it's from increased experience since then, or prior knowledge of the game, OoT 3D isn't very difficult. But it is glorious.

    I'm liking it, but man is it an easy game. I remember it being hard, but it's a cakewalk.

    Some of it is poorly done though. Link is so well animated that all the other Kokiri look like low textured freaks in comparison, and it's really jarring. I also feel jipped they didn't add in any new dungeons or areas.

    It's not a great remake, but it's better than nothing, and probably the best 3ds game atm.

    And the only reason I got it early was because of Kotaku :)

    I'm up to the Dodongos cavern in Master Quest, I'm loving it but I keep running in the wrong direction! (Master Quest mirrors the map)

      Master's Quest was included in this updated version?

        yep, it unlocks once you finish the main game

    To be honest, I didn't look at screen shots for the game or look up details. I didn't need any excuse to buy this game (for the sixth time) other than it is the Ocarina of time.

    I recently chronicled my first play through in my Shadow of the Damned comp entry:

    But there was so much more to it. I had recently moved from my home of 15 years, over the sea, to a tiny country house. During that Christmas break I played Zelda as much as I could (Which ended up being very little) and I used to call my old school friends and discuss what was happening in it, get hints for dungeons and just feel less isolated.

    It was an escape at a time when I really needed one.

    I also remember going back to that country place one summer (Having returned to Scotland to go to Uni) and played the whole game through in a few days. It was like coming home to an old friend.

    The thing about friends is we know their faults and we accept them. As sad as it may sound, this game was a friend to me and, falws and all, it always would be.

    Continuing that analogy, I recently caught up with my old friend from high school. He's married now and chubbier with a full, thick beard. He had changed a great deal, in many ways for the better, but underneath he was the same mate from school.

    It's the same with Ocarina of Time 3D. Sure, he's changed. Got his act together and pulled up his socks, but when you get round to it, underneath, it's that same great mate from back in the day, warts and all, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

      It is something that grows over time, a true friendship. A feeling in the heart that becomes even stronger over time... The passion of friendship will soon blossom into a righteous power and through it, you will know which way to go.

    This is only my second Zelda game after Link to the Past. Never played the original, but love the 3D conversion. Seems alot simpler than LttP, but cannot conclusively judge until I have completed the main quest in full. Great so far.

    I only ever played the first 3 dungeons of Ocarina of Time on my friend's N64 yeeeeeears back, so this is the first time for me actually owning and playing through a proper Zelda game. Well, aside from Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Seasons.

    Overall? I love it. It's one of those games that you play and just thoroughly enjoy every bit of it, even though it doesn't do much to break the mold. (Hell, it invented the mold, but you know)

    Great. Fantastic. Buy it.

      Speaking of which, I'd really like to see those two games on the Nintendo eShop. That brings back a lot of memories of the Gameboy colour and always having to take a pack of AA batteries around with me. God bless rechargeable batteries.

    I just love how they reproduced the original faithfully. I didn't want an update, I wanted a remake and I got it. All those fun exploits I used to use which are ingrained in my memory are still left in the game.

    For example when you first get to kakarikio village, I always get the heart piece from the guy on the roof, and gather the chickens for the bottle. You can do this buy z-targeting and side jumping off the tall tower. You are not supposed to be able to get all the chickens at this point, because there is a carpenter in the potion shop blocking the back door. I have no idea how to properly get that heart piece off the roof guy. Hookshot as adult link?

    I never played OoT on 64 so I can look at this game without the rose tinted glasses that everyone else has.

    Honestly, I like it, it's very fun and a very good game, but I'm not HUGELY impressed. I certainly wouldn't call it the best game of all time - I wouldn't even call it the best ZELDA of all time. I think Spirit Tracks was much better.

      Spirit Tracks is better?.. hmm..that is.. amusing.

      At the time, it really was revolutionary and one of the greatest 3D conversions. Playing it new, it would feel dated.
      Calling later entries better is generally true, but harsh on the original property. The sequel wouldn't exist without the original.

        Not when you compare it to Spirit Tracks. Maybe Wind Waker or Twilight Princess. Spirit Tracks? It has to be the worst Zelda game to date (not including the CD-i monstrosities).

          Why was spirit tracks bad exactly? I will admit that phantom hourglass wasnt so great, because of that ridiculous temple that you had to keep going back to, but I really enjoyed spirit tracks.

          Maybe its because i'm a big fan of trains, but I really liked the using a train to get around mechanic, I thought the game made fantastic use of the touch screen, the story was enjoyable, the boss battles were spectacular (especially the final one!) and there were no parts that were hugely frustrating. It's one of the best DS games I've played, and an example of a sequel done right - retaining the good elements from the first game while eliminating as many frustrations as possible.

          Im certain that OoT is faithful to the original, but in this modern day and age it feels out of place.

    What are you talking about, Metropolis is a masterpiece????

      Isn't it?

    As a proud lefty annoyed at Twilight Princess and Sykward Sword, I thought I saw a video where Adult Link was right handed for his sword while child link was left handed for the slingshot.
    Is that true? Did they just lose a sale?

      You're not going to buy a game because Link might be using his right hand to swing his sword?....Wow.

    I've got it the special edition on preorder and will pick it up on the 30th because for some stupid reason, I'm convincing myself that I'm a loyal Zelda fan :s
    I don't have a 3DS and doubt I'll be getting one anytime soon, but just knowing that I will own the special edition will make me happy. That, and I also have the opportunity to redeem my Club Nintendo code and claim one of those delicious 25th anniversary albums

    I sat down and played the whole thing through this weekend. I reckon Nintendo has managed to make a classic even better, and the improved graphics and sounds definitely make it even more enjoyable than the original (as if that were possible!?!?).

    I personally had a few issues with using the gyroscope though. I found that I still wanted to use the analogue stick to aim the bow/slingshot/hookshot and the added Gyroscope control kept making me miss the mark a bit.

      You can turn off gyroscope control by hitting START then selection Options (bottom of the screen).

    This is my review of OoT:

    Hello Zelda. You are not Fox. Where is Fox? Is he here yet? Why not? Tell him to hurry up. Thx.

    Average, but enjoyable and money well spent.

    Zelda is better in 2D, imo, 3d sort of taints the charm. OoA/OoS remain the best zelda games thus far in my eyes.

    Does have a pretty good soundtrack, well laid out dungeons and more than enough side questy/secret gag stuff to find, though.

    If you've got a 3ds, get it. If you don't, it's not worth getting the console for.

      Totally disagree. This and DOA are the killer apps for the 3DS.

    Absolutely loving this game! Going back and fighting bosses is a nice way to kill time on a bio break.

    It's really quite a curiosity piece.

    Most of the original game has been kept intact; just given a facelift - which is nice but, let's face it, not groundbreaking. I use the 3D pretty much like Shigeru Miyamoto suggested people would use it - for cutscenes. I'm looking forward to Master Quest, but I'm not in a rush to get there, I want to enjoying OoT again. I had the N64 version when it was first released, and I've played two 100% complete files, but it wasn't my first Zelda nor is it my favourite, so although there's a strong sense of nostalgia at play, it's not "overwhelming".

    The 'game' - in terms of the software - is great, probably "just what I wanted" in a remake. At the same time, the game - in terms of the whole package - leaves me wanting. It's not a gold cartridge. It annoyed me when the GBA LttP remake didn't come on a gold cart, it even annoyed me that the TP discs weren't gold "enough", it will annoy me when Skyward Sword is released. It certainly doesn't impact on the quality of the game itself, but I can't help but feel like something's missing. It also serves to remind me that it's Link's 25th birthday, and I can download an Orchestral soundtrack - that's cool - but this is probably *the* game that defines the series; it just feels like something's missing. A void that not even a plastic blue ocarina can fill.

    Having never played OOT, I feel somewhat privileged to be playing the game for the first time and experiencing everything afresh.

    I was pretty let down by OoT when it debuted, in part because the machine-like battle interface and minimal detail locations (as well as minimal locations) really interfered with my suspension of disbelief. I came to like the majority of the game in spite of those flaws, though.

    I think a lot of my disappointment came through Nintendo's complete BS hype, though, with them claiming things like it would take you 2 whole days to traverse the overworld. When the in-game day barely lasted a minute and the overworld was an empty field, well, color me unimpressed.

    I guess I'm the only person who was expecting something more than a tiling tree texture slapped on a wall, though. I don't really blame the game, I blame the terrible hardware.

    In that respect, it's nice of Nintendo to go the way of the update and try to give the game its due, but they'll never undo the severe limitations that the original platform placed on the game.

    I have to say

    I loved playing it on n64 when it came out, and found it extremely hard to ever go back and play the game, emulators, vc, i just couldnt bring myself to keep playing after getting the goron stone at the start, clunky feel and akwardness

    The 3ds remake just makes the game feel all that smoother and more today like that makes it much easier to play through. I personally think this play through is much like the first time i played it. A very enjoyable experience i can't seem to put down at the moment, not just the graphics overhaul which isn't that great at times but at others fantastic.

    The 3d is cool but i find myself switching it on and off at certain times. Find it difficult to aim with it on and my eyes keeping level, so i tend to turn it off for that, but the first cutscene in 3d looked great.

    I think they've done a pretty good job. Now please an original zelda IP for 3ds would be nice.

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