Console Battlefield 3 Is Half The FPS Of Modern Warfare 3

Console Battlefield 3 Is Half The FPS Of Modern Warfare 3

Battlefield 3’s awe-inspiring tank battle demonstration at E3 was run on a PC, and it wasn’t to make a statement about mouse-and-keyboard superiority. The game, according to developer DICE, will run at 60 frames per second on the PC—but 30 fps on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Call of Duty‘s latest entries run at 60 fps, both PC and console, to deliver that smoove gameplay. Of course, Battlefield 3 is touting a higher level of visual detail, including fully destructible environments, larger maps, etc.

While 30 fps sounds pretty crap, this isn’t unprecedented; Crysis 2 ran at 30 fps on consoles. And Battlefield 3‘s PS3 demonstration, in Luke’s eyes, was still pretty good-looking.

To repeat, Battlefield 3 is 60 fps on the PC, which it had better goddamn well be. I don’t want to imagine the rioting if it were anything less. Such things matter intensely to the glorious PC gaming master race. Do they matter for the console peasants?

Battlefield 3 to run in 720p, 30 fps on Consoles [Battlefield 3 Blog]


  • Just saying 60fps on a PC (implying it’s a standard) is kind of a lie.
    What about the “PC gaming peasants” who can’t afford a higher-spec PC? 😛

    And what about SUPER PCs with V-sync off? 😮

    I just hope my HD6950 can pump out at least 50-60fps on high.

    • If its anything like Bad Company 2, you will turn vsync on even if you have a very good PC because the texture tearing is pretty bad. And its both companies; my old 5870 did it and my 570’s do it!

  • It matters to the PC race as we can adjust our visuals and also our hardware to accommodate such things and allow for a higher frame rate/smoother game play.

    As for consoles, I dont care so much as long as it looks good and it remains at the 30fps. Nothing worse then hitting frame rate issues.

  • Correction: black ops attempts to run at 60fps on console. It does a mighty poor job of it on ps3 online.

    • Have you ever heard of v-sync? Well some games enforce it – not that it makes any difference if the frame rate goes higher.
      30 fps should be fine if the game doesn’t stutter.

    • you do realise that regardless of the fps number, you are still limited by your monitor, which for 99% of them is 60fps. you can run at 500fps but itll look the same as 60fps.

  • I’ve had plenty of fun with bad company 2 at 30fps on my PS3. It doesn’t need the same twitchy responsiveness as COD so it isn’t a problem I think.

    Also, isn’t saying that BF3 will run at 60fps on PC like saying that “this petrol will make your car go at 300kph.” There are a fair few factors that statement is assuming. I think most games can run at 60fps on PC, hardware dependent.

  • Does this apply to multiplayer or just campaign? I don’t think 30fps really matters for campaign, that’s where the graphics look most pretty. For multiplayer the fps will be more relevant but even so it might not matter too much. You can’t be as “twitchy” with a console stick anyway.

    On a related note, my choice to game on a console has nothing to do with peasants or superiority of the PC and everything to do with the comfort of the couch. I work on a PC all day, I have no interest in gaming on one too.

      • Indeed, just wait until they start reporting on “Batelfeeled bad cumpenny” and then “Corl of Dewty”… This habit of phonetic spelling seeping its way into the media gradually is getting kind of annoying.

  • I think a lot of people are mis-interperating the authors statement about the “PC is 60FPS”.

    It’s not hard set, that would be rediculous, the FPS value will be whatever your beast (or piece of crap) PC can push out.

    Cannot wait to let this game rock and roll on my Gigabyte GTX560 SOC 1Ghz 😀

    • Yeah? Talking about specs? Oh ok then, I can’t wait to rock it on my Gigabyte GTX570 OC Windforce. That’s gotta be worth an extra inch on you 😛

      Oh wait, then my mate with his triple XFire 6970s.


  • How is this news worthy? About 80% of titles on the consoles only run at 30fps, especially the ones that set the visual benchmarks for the platform (Gears, Uncharted, Killzone to name a few).

    As far as it “running at 60fps” on the PC, well duh. Hell it will probably run at 120fps if you had hardware powerful enough and you turned off v-sync.

    • I thought the same thing. I saw a news article on another website that said “BF3 will not run at 1080p on consoles”. Wow, that is totally news worthy considering most graphically good games can’t even make it to 720p at 30fps.

      BREAKING NEWS! Consoles extremely underpowered compared to PC, console gamers act offended.

  • I think part of the justification for the article is that the nice folks at MS & Sony will see yet another article harping on about how bloody dated the consoles are and feel encouraged to upgrade/discontinue them sooner.

  • 30fps is quite common for most console titles. The question is, at what resolution does it hit 30fps? If BF3 can push 30fps at 1080p, that’s much more impressive than MW3 pushing 720p at 60.

    Modern Warfare 2 actually pushed out sub-HD 600p Resolution, and people seemed pretty happy.

  • “Such things matter intensely to the glorious PC gaming master race. Do they matter for the console peasants?”

    Master race? This whole PC vs Console bullshit that is clogging up the Internet at the moment is, IMHO, nothing but clouds of noxious gases.

    I spend most of my day hunched over a PC at a desk, so why would I want to do it at home? There is no better gaming experience than popping a beer, reclining Roman style on the couch in front of a mssive 50″ TV with your PS3 disk tray humming with the tune of BC2 or squadding up with 4 of your best mates on PSN, while entertaining friends at your place with copious amounts of beer/wine drinking, dog tag stealing and teabagging.

    But haters are gonna hate I guess. Usually alone… from behind their towers of empty Mountain Dew cans and their 24″ displays. Living room gaming FTW!

    • One of my PC’s is plugged into my home theatre in the lounge room, does this mean I win?

      Dunno where this idea that PC gaming is restricted purely to the desk came from. I’ve been able to plug a PC into a TV since video cards started coming with S-video out.

      That being said my biggest PC is sitting at a desk, with triple monitors.

      • Huh? I wasn’t talking about home theatre systems, I have one of those too.

        So you recline on the couch and roll the mouse against your stomach while using the keyboard with your nose? Don’t be silly, no one uses a computer for gaming in the living room. That’d just be redonkulous.

  • 30fps is not acceptable to me in an action game. it ruins the feel and gameplay. mw3 may just be another generic iteration, but at least they have their priorities right when it comes to framerate > eyecandy.

    i’m sure bf3 will be dope on pc, but 30fps is an epic fail for the consoles.

    • Dude it is perfectly acceptable because 30fps on consoles is the norm.

      Problem? Go pay $500 for a good graphics card while I pay the same for my PS3.

    • I’m not really an expert on this but… framerate in my opinion is not more important than eyecandy. Don’t confuse frames per second with rendering techniques. A high number of FPS can still result in a choppy display. If it is done right, 30fps is more than enough, especially with modern motion blurring techniques. I’d go as far as to say that 24fps is enough. Anything above and beyond is a bonus.

  • Wow 30FPS… I will only run this on my PC so this wont matter 😛

    Getting used to 120hz with over 80FPS most games again 60FPS is very noticeable ;(

  • I’d opt for less detail at 60fps over more detail at 30fps.

    Once the bullets are flying you do not sit around and admire how realistic the rock you’re hiding behind is. Smooth gameplay is much more important.

  • I’ll gladly run this on my PC at 30, no, 60FPS. Just give me a good PC game for once instead of ruining it because of those restrictive consoles. I want my mouse play to feel like a mouse, not like a controller. That goes for the menus too (BC2 was sloppy for a while there)! But that’s beside the point, PCs just win. Please don’t limit us to editing that damn text file either if we don’t want “ULTRA-MEGA-BLOOM” on.
    I have to agree with JohnySweetBred, give me frame rate and the option to lower some of the post effects to gain that frame rate if necessary.

  • I have a new name:

    Bad-lefield (3)0 Frames per second!

    This all seems familiar…. Anyone remember what happened to MOH?


  • It better run at more than 60fps on my PC, because my 120Hz Alienware Monitor does away with jaggies without requiring vsync.

  • This is, to a degree, disappointing. 60 FPS is what draws most of the mainstream console gamers to Call of Duty on the Console, mainly because it’s so incredibly smooth. Yet, if DICE were to make Battlefield 3 run at 60 FPS, they would have to sacrifice graphical power, map size, and draw distance. The fact of matter is, if you play it for long enough, you won’t notice the slightly slower frame rate. Furthermore, ultimately no-one is going to care because honestly who ends up really worrying about the frame rate after extended play. Battlefield Bad Company 2 was a great game, and it was 30 FPS. People will move on soon enough.

    • on console maybe not so noticable, but since buying a 120hz monitor (thats 120fps VIEWABLE framerate) ive noticed my game has improved (higher k/d etc) and games look realy, realy fluid. i dont think i could realy go back to 30fps after experianceing 120fps. that said, if your not playing competetivly, its not a big deal, and the game shouldent realy suffer much from it.

  • I’ll be getting it on a console, as I’d be lucky to get 20-30FPS on my current PC. Can’t afford to buy a new awesome PC at the moment.

    This is a troll bait article if I’ve ever seen one. LOL.

  • Hi Owen, the word is spelled ‘smooth’, not ‘smoove’. If you’re planning on being a journalist or whatever it is that you do, at least have the decency to use spell check before posting something.


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