Could Bodycount Make Shooting Stuff Fun Again?

I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting just a little bit sick of, you know, shooting stuff over and over again. Bodycount, from the creators of Black, looks like it's making a decent go of making shooting stuff fun again. How are they doing this? By making every single thing a bullet touches either disintegrate or burst into flames like a bloody Catherine Wheel.

Looks like Guildford Studio and Codemasters might be onto something.


    To this day, i'm still convinced that black was one of the best looking shooters ever released on ps2.

    This should be a fun play through.

      One of the best looking games on PS2 full stop.

      I loved Black back in the day. Tried it again last year... hasn't aged well :(

        Seconded. Adored Black, and had a blast sneaking around before using some strategically placed barrels to blast open a building. I still get the same visceral thrill playing Battlefield.

        It has aged badly, though. Which is always the case with games pushing for realism. Once the tech is outdated, they look bad.

          It's not just the graphics. The controls are horrible compared to modern console FPSs.

    .....for some reason that looks so much like BRINK?? weird

      Remembering for a moment that it is Codemasters, so it can't in fact be original in any aspect of gameplay or even graphically.

        Codemasters makes fun games, but yeah I couldn't stop thinking that this was Brink's little brother the whole way through the trailer.

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