Crysis 2 Is About To Look A Whole Lot Better

Crysis 2 Is About To Look A Whole Lot Better

If you can handle it, that is.

When first released earlier this year, Crysis 2 disappointed many hardcore PC gamers, who had hoped the game would, like the first Crysis, be something that could really make an expensive rig sing.

Instead, it shipped so pared back there were Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, and the PC edition didn’t even support DirectX 10, let alone the more contemporary DirectX 11.

All that changes next week, when developers Crytek release a big patch for the game that brings full DirectX 11 support, along with new shadow effects, motion blur effects, improved water effects and a new high resolution texture pack.

If your PC can handle all that, the patch will go live next Monday, June 27.

Crysis 2 Patch 1.9 Notes [Crysis]


  • Will have to check this out. I wonder if it will take Crysis 2 to the level that Crysis 1 was when it was released. I still think Crysis 2 is probably the prettiest game around, but it didn’t seem quite so ground breaking as the first game.

    • You are stark raving mad if you think Crysis 2 looks better than Crysis 1.

      It is a proven fact that Crysis 2 has textures anywhere from 1/4 the size to 1/2 the size of those in Crysis 1 and it lacks all the Direct x 10 and Direct x 11 features.

      It looks and plays HORRIBLE. Hopefully this patch at least makes it look better.

    • Agreed! The Witcher 2 is just gorgeous, it really helps to up the immersion level.

      Also, Crytek have always seemed to pride themselves on having a cutting edge engine and crysis 2 I think was a step backwards compared with tech demo footage that has been released in the past.

      These guys are capable of so much better!

      • NOT a step backwards. The doohickery they performed to Cryengine 1 was a performance boost on a monstrous scale. Its runs on an Xbox, which is hopelessly outdated.

        Better engine = faster performance, not necessarily prettier graphics. You need better artists and designers if you want photorealism.

  • Cryengine 3 game up to par with Cryengine 2? Oh, no wait. Environments are still less populated. Maybe next time, Crytek. I appreciate the attempt to save your fumble, at least, but nothing short of a remodeled world would put it on level with Warhead.

  • I would have preferred a game play and server browser update to be honest, doesn’t matter how pretty the game is if you can’t find any servers because of how shitty game spy is.

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