Crysis 2 Pulled From Steam - Now 'Exclusive' To Origin

Begun the Digital Distribution wars have. Now that EA has its own online 'Steam'-style store, it's gone and pulled Crysis 2 from Steam, and is selling the game 'exclusively' via their own 'Origin' service.

But a quick check of other downloadable services shows that Crysis 2 is still available on other sites, such as Direct 2 Drive and Gamersgate - is this a sign that EA's exclusivity is simply an attempt to out-muscle Steam and define their own online store in the process?

Other EA properties are still available on Steam, but its worth noting that Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3 may end up being the dual Trojan horse EA needs to truly solidify the Origin service. It's a stark possibility that PC gamers will have to buy these games exclusively on EA's store as it attempts to solidify the Origin service. Ultimately, we could be looking at a future where EA sells their own properties exclusively on Origin.

Will other publishers eventually follow suit? It's difficult to say. EA has been building the foundations of a strong online, service for years now - in every sense of the word. Facebook development, mobile development, and now Origin, it's clear that EA is attempting to build for new methods of delivery and new ways to engage users - as a company EA is clearly ahead of the game in that sense. We see this Crysis 2 move as an experiment on the part of EA. It'll be interesting to see the results.

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    Forecasting backlash - this won't go down well, I'm pickin'.

      EA *PAY* steam to be able to sell their IP's through that channel.

      So why pay Steam when you can do it for free on your own system?

      I can't see why this is a bad move.

        I am not looking forward to the day when I switch on my computer, and wait for 10-12 separate publisher client applications each with their own separate user account credentials to start up because I want to play a game.

        Technically EA don't pay steam to sell their games. Steam sells the game, takes a cut and passes the rest to EA. If they want to advertise, then they'll pay. But i can see why EA'd do it. I don't see a backlash though, it's just a shop... :)

        Im not using EA's clunky online store front. I dont need another friends list.

        I dont need another startup item when i boot the computer. Glad i got Mass effect on 360 now.


    Exactly what I didn't want to happen. I remember commenting that I feared this would happen a while ago, but I can't remember on which article.

    I will keep with Steam, and hope that the EA store fails. Not because I have anything against them but because I only want one online store which will have all my games.

    Well looks like BF3 and ME3 will be a miss for me until I can get it elsewhere for a good price (play-asia or game-lane or something) damned if I'm gonna use an EA system after getting ripped off by their EADM.

      BF3 is like $40 on OzGameShop (If you dont mind waiting a few days after release before you get it)

        OzGameShop rocks on pricing. I just picked up portal 2 for half price compared to Steam's.

        And as for waiting a few days, means you avoid the teething problems and start with a fresh, patched up game!

    I can't wait for my PC to take 10 minutes to finish booting while it opens up 19 different web-store applications.

    Ugh. If if EA's marketing wasn't already a mess, now they're just making life difficult for people who are already fans. Way to go, guys!

    The fact that every game they release through origin has shipping charges on the bits coming across the pacific means I will not even consider them.

    Sounds like a very dangerous offer to cut a release from the primary market for PC gamers. Then again if they want to compete they are going to have to take chances. Once they have the origin software installed for the first time it makes it much more likely they will buy additional games for it.

    If EA pull this move with BF3, I'm going to be pissed. I'm not even a PC gamer yet!

    I'm still going to ignore this store. Steam all the way, baby!

    If it just means I won't buy as many games, fine, but it'll mean I'll pirate more.

    Frak that! I'd sooner go buy ME3 retail than be forced to buy it on Origin.

      where your CD-Key will probably incur an Origin mandate install much like buying COD currently requires a Steam mandated one.

        Either way, you're still giving EA your money.

    I predict about the same thing will happen as happened with the MW2 launch - all the pc gamers swore they would boycott and then payed up anyway. I predict an initial swearing of allegiance to steam followed by some "mysteriously high" origin download stats :)

    In all seriousness, EA is going to have to do some serious selling to pry people away from their steam collections and switch completely, otherwise... no harm in running both... right?

      Actually, if you have a game downloaded through steam, it'll error if you try to use Origin to launch it.

      difference being that steam wasn't the reason people boycotted MW2.

      I know people who succumbed just by the fact that they open Steam everyday and MW2 was there with a shiny buy now button

    Lots of other good games on Steam, I can well do without Crysis 2... I'll save myself the bother of signing up to another distribution service.

    Well shit. I bought the first crysis for $3, was hoping to do a similar thing with Crysis 2.

    If BF3 = Origin only = No dice. Though, I think EA are one of the companies that like to jack up the price for Steam games. Sigh. At least I'll have other games to play.

    And they still seek to rip the australian market off to a massive extent.

    EA you have your own store now, stop being d#[email protected]'s about it and give us some fair pricing

    I was hoping for full steam integration into EA games. Guess that's not happening now...

    Steam is so rad - why even try compete?

      Because EA likes money.

        Which is just outrageous for a business!

        I hate having more than one game application login to manage, but considering Steam takes 30% of Steam purchases, and the future is online content delivery; why WOULDN'T EA do this?

        It would be stupid not to.

    Gahh, that sucks. They will be silly to put BF3 on Steam if they want some market share. Looks like I'll have to download Origin in the next 6 months. I'll just put it in my steam games list.

    So now I need Steam and StEAm running to play all my games? Why?

    What EA need to do is stop and ask themselves, why would people that have already spent thousands of dollars on their steam accounts want to move over to origin?

      Why let Valve/Steam run the market. It's called competition.
      If no one at least tries, and the way they appear to be trying is obviously the smartest tactic to gain followers, then Steam will just continue to grow and grow and no one will have a chance in hell if its the market they want to get into.

      It's just like console. Theres only 3. Whilst even owning 3, buying games on all 3 and playing all 3 can be very time consuming and expensive AND all 3 don't differ that much (especially with Wii U), there really is only 3 to choose from so not A LOT!

      This news also REMINDS me of an article I believe was on Kotaku a few years back about rumours of an EA console. This was the time when EA was pretty much like Activision.
      And well - there is a possibility. I see Activision doing it over EA these days, but then Activision want to sell as many games as possible. But it spoke of how EA or Act. can release their own console and give exclusive rights to their own IPs to draw sales. Times may be changing...

        steam works because they are a privately owned games DEVELOPER, EA being a PUBLISHER do not have the capacity (or the consumer trust) to sell anything other than their owned games.
        Do you really see activision/2k/square enix/microsoft etc. selling games through origin? Not only that but they are fragmenting the market, forcing a second social network for pc gamers and generally making the gaming experience harder.
        Not only that but they are trying to sell us an INFERIOR product, why the hell would I want to be forced backwards?

    I hate Steam so much.
    I hope it works.
    Love the people complaining about load time, here's an idea, don't set it to autorun on start.
    I don't see how having choices is a bad thing, ever.

      Just curious; why do you hate Steam? What do you expect Origin to do that Steam can't?

        Eh, hate is probably too strong.
        I use Steam, of course. It just frustrates me.
        Nothing really, I expect it will be the same.
        But what it will do for us, as gamers and consumers?
        Don't like it, don't use it.
        EA aren't stupid. Money speaks louder than words. If it doesn't work, they'll change it. Change and competition are always good things.

          It frustrates you how?

          Also, competition is great but that's not what will happen here. EA won't try and compete with Steam via pricing of games available through both. They'll just keep their AAA titles as an Origin exclusive, that won't help the consumer at all.

        Steam is annoying with region pricing, it is a ripoff sometimes. But from what I hear Origin is just as bad, and it doesn't have nearly as many titles as Steam.

        But I wuv Steam. Dead Rising 2 was $40 at release. In Australia. It was freaking awesome lol.

          Origin/ EA store. Is 10 dollars more expensive than any of EA's Steam region pricing. So they are worse XD

          prices on steam are set by the publisher of the game, not by steam

        asshat price racketeering in the Oz market?

        e.g. Amazon digital are selling Velvet Assassin for USD$5, whereas Steam are at US$10, today.

        I suspect Amazon isn't in the Oz market because of the inability of the IP industry in Australia to move with the times.

      I'd like the CHOICE to buy my games through Steam, rather than being forced through EA's inferior product.

      Choice is what we already had, and what they're removing. You used to be able to register keys from EA games you'd brought on steam on Origin.

      I hated Steam as well because I expected a service I could use to buy and play games and for the first couple of months I got constant errors that prevented me from playing the games on my own computer that I paid for.

      It's great when it works, but you get what you pay for and if I get a game for $15, if it doesn't let me play from time to time due to some retarded measure, I blame it on me being cheap.

        That sounds more like your computer's fault than Steam's. I've never had a problem running it on dozens of different systems across the years.

        Don't blame Steam for you having a shithouse PC

      Except it's hardly choice, if i chose steam, but am being made to use origin.

        It IS a choice.
        Don't buy their games. Boycott them totally. Do what we used to in the "dark ages" y'know, leave the house and go to a store.
        I see plenty of choices. No one is forcing you to do anything.

          Until like Steamworks games it may start requiring it to be installed for DRM reasons. Then you are being forced to install something to access what you paid for...

          I guess it would state it in the EULA and TOS and my choice is then to disagree and not buy but no retailer will except that as a reason for a refund, well not that I've tried :P

          Except that's not CHOICE.

          These GAMES are still going to have a MANDATED origin install. Which means there will be a point where you MUST use ORIGIN.

          And that is not choice. IF CHOICE is the ability to boycott something THEN WE HAD IT BEFORE ORIGIN CAME ALONG ANYWAYS.

            which means store bought games will be pointless.

            much like buying CoD at a store is pointless since it's steam mandate

            You're forced to use Steam too.
            What's the difference?

              Because i already have one service i don't need another. just in the same way i have a car i don't need another one

                But having an option isn't a bad thing. I'd like to have a second car and drive which one I felt like.
                If they come out with ridiculous prices (there's a good chance they will, it's EA after all) then I'm with you.
                I just see potential. It's their own service, no middle man hopefully means they put their games up at great prices (also no one will buy they game if they are stupid prices)

                  If you had to have two cars burning your petrol at once because certain places required you to drive a different car there and back, and if those cars also required you to log in and wait for updates etc every time you got in, it'd be inconvenient.

    Bullet, foot. Foot, bullet.

    This is a ridiculous slap-fight on the part of EA. EA can publish EA games over Origin all they want, but Steam has nearly the entire PC industry on their service. All EA will accomplish by not offering their games on Steam is to lose sales.

    Bold move. And yeah, EA always sells their games at a huge price, especially in Australia... I generally don't get their games off steam, they cost too much unless there's a massive sale on.

    Steam Summer sales aren't far off, and if it's as big as last year, Origin is going to get completely and utterly pwned.

    Bigpond tried this same system themselves before. It failed, hugely. Gamearena is good for servers, but no-one buys anything off there, and the game renting service they had in 2005 failed completely too.

    Steam is dominating the market, and unless you can compete price wise (like, by a huge margin) or have some HUGE incentive to pull people off of their massive steam libraries, it won't work.

    You'll get a couple with both, and it might not be a bad idea to have both if price wars do occur, but I can't see this winning anyone over in the short term. Steam just does stuff so much better.

    Is there a point to exclusivity in this regard? Are they going to make more money? Probably not. They're just going to be placing their products on a service that is non-competitive and thus reduce their exposure. I predict fail.

    I was forced to get this when i pre-ordered Alice: Madness Returns.

    It looks and feels like a rubbish ripoff of Steam (not that i'm a steam fan mind you).

    With only a few hours to go until launch, it hasn;t even recognised that i own the game so it can pre-load in time. Not happy EA.

    Oh yeah, and balls to EA's online digital pricing for Australia. Can anyone say ripoff much? :P

    This will only drive piracy up for people who have Steam accounts and don't want an Origin account.

    Way to go EA, making it even harder to get your games.

    If you do the same with Battlefield 3, I will be pissed.


      If there is no MP component in a game that I want that is an Origin exclusive then "Hello BitComet!"

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