Dark Souls Is A Small Man Fighting Giant Boss Battles

Dark Souls is not the sequel to punishing 2009 RPG Demon's Souls. Though it may as well be.

This is a new story trailer released ahead of E3. I wouldn't have called it a "story" trailer. I'd have called it a "fighting enormous monsters" trailer, since that's the main attraction here.

Dark Souls is due this October on PS3 and 360.



    Sorry couldn't resist. Anyway this looks amazing. That's all there really is to say on the matter.

    Prepare to die... a whole effing lot.

    I want this.

    I'd say "shut up and take my money", but I've already paid for my pre-order. Buttercup is going to get very dead...

    Also, did the castle ramparts in that trailer have no texture, or am I delusional?

    just finished deamon's souls last night (1st time) was pretty satisfying to complete that last boss (1-4) was quite a bastard to die on.

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