Dark Souls Might Be Dark, But It Looks Fantastic

For all the bitching and moaning about Japanese games being creatively bankrupt, lame or simply crappy-looking, there's this, Dark Souls.

The game is the spiritual successor to the difficult and oh so moody Demon's Souls and will be out this spring. The game is being developed by From Software, the studio best known for the Armored Core mech games.



    When is Fall for Australia? and what would that be here in NZ?

      Fall = Autumn, but this article is written by an American so it means Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere which is Spring here (September to November).

      But the more accurate date is October 7th. At least, that's the UK release date and I've pre-ordered a copy from Zavvi so that's when my copy will be shipped out.

        I'll be pre-ordering a copy of the special edition from zavvi. It's only just under 37 pounds, which is about $55-$60 (I think), and it's 3 pounds cheaper than the standard version.

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