Dead Island Has A Pre-Order Bonus That Is Actually Useful

Although I may be in the minority here, I've never been a huge fan of pre-order bonuses - but this Dead Island deal? This is something I can get behind.

If you pre-order Dead Island at EB Games, you get the following...

- Dead Island game (of course) - Turtle Beach X11 Headset - LC Ripper weapon DLC - Bloodbath Arena DLC

The (most likely) useless DLC additions I can do without, but a Turtle Beach X11 headset? That's something that may actually help enhance my gaming experience. The X11 is, admittedly, the low-end entry point into the Turtle Beach range - you can pay up to $279.95 for the higher end models - but the fact that they manage to combine communication from the Xbox headset, and sound from the game itself, makes the X11s a pretty awesome pair of headphones to own.

The whole package comes in at $129.95, and with the Turtle Beach headsets retailing at $59.95, it seems like a decent deal (if you want to go traditional retail that is)!

Head here for more info.

Thanks Tad!


    Considering Australian retail pricing, that seems like a really good deal.

    If you don't have headphones, it seems like a good excuse to grab some.

      And then trade in the game for something else, :-P.

      I'd JUST gotten this exact pair of headphones from eb for $69....damn....double damn!

        $69 is quite good.

        Considering I paid $75 for them, after haggling from $89.

        You'll be more annoyed however to know that a few days ago they were $52.xx.

        First they were $7x.xx, then $62.95, then again $7x.xx, then again $62.95, then $52.xx & now again $62.95. Some whacky sale they have going on at EB, especially for the X11 pricing. I bought GTA4 Complete Edition a few weeks ago & Tomb Raider Underworld last week, on sale.

        As for the price on this pre-order offer & your recent purchase of the X11's, yes, damn!

    How odd. Didn't even realise Dead Island had a MP focus.

      4 player co-op i believe unless they added something. headsets are a must for games like this. saved me many times in L4D 1/2.
      "SAVE ME A F***ing hunters on me ARGH HELP ME!!!!"

    I'm with you mark, I personally don't understand the appeal of pre-order bonuses especially when the price doesn't justify it (plastic ocarina anyone?).

    Cool, I'll be getting the PC version and it comes with a Turtle Beach Z2 Headset instead. I was going to just pre-order it at ozgameshop but this is too good to pass up!

    There will never be a good enough deal to convince me to give my money to the pirates at EB games

    There is also a PS3 (P11 headset) and PC (Z2 headset) version listed. PC version is $109.95.

    Every person I have ever heard in a party/xlive chat that is using a turtle beach headset has this terrible, constant static humming noise.
    Which is why I went with Tritton when I forked out for a good headset.

      Myself and 6 friends all bought the Turtle Beach X1 last year - no issues whatsoever with a humming noise. Is it an issue with the X11 model?

      One thing though - the X1 seems really tight on the head. Everyone has sore ears after an hour or so. Maybe it was a design feature implemented to force us outside every few hours...

      I've only ever noticed a humming noise with my friends with the X11 headset that have a plug and play charging cord attached to their controller while chatting, never had any problems other than that

    I've got an idea for a good pre-order incentive, how about just having a decent, competitive price EB games.

    The pic in the EB games pre order is for the Z1 and the Z2 has a $69.95 RRP value according to Turtle beach which makes the preorder very good value.

    Fingers crossed this doesn't go the way of L4D2 in terms of censorship.

    Will the game be any good?

      So far from what I've seen a few bits of it look a bit rough but the core seems to be a solid cross of Far Cry 2 and Left 4 Dead... so I'm sold.

    It's not a pre-order bonus, it's a collectors edition. If it were a pre-order bonus, you'd be able to pre-order, get your bonus and then return the game (keeping the bonus). That's how EB works. You aren't supposed to return pre-order bonuses. Therefore, people can exploit this by pre-ordering, keeping the bonus and returning the game for a full refund within 7 days of purchase.

    I knew there'd be no chance EB would put headsets out like that, or people would just be getting them for free.

      It's not a collectors edition (well i didn't check if the game itself is a special package) which would be available to everyone separately in limited quantities regardless of pre-order status.

      It is a pre-order bonus, because you are receiving the bonus on the grounds that you pre-ordered and made purchase of the game by doing so. When you receive your bonus item is moot.

        It is a Collectors Edition, not a pre order bonus:

        EB announced it at 9am on their Facebook page this morning and apparently will be announcing another collectors edition for a different game tomorrow morning at 9am.

          Lucky we have someone here that visits links.



            Good thing we have people who do research beyond a few links and understand how retailers work.

            Not only did I openly admit to myself not checking if the GAME ITSELF was any kind of special edition. Not only that but a turtle beach headset is in no way official merchandise of the Dead Island game. The above links are referring to Gamestop/EBs exclusive "special edition" of which our Aus EBs are attaching the headset to, not only that but everything we see here is a bonus attached on the sole basis that it is pre-ordered, thus pre-order bonus.

            Unlike a collectors edition, I can't get what is in this edition without pre-ordering. If I was in the right place at the right time with no pre-order I may be able to receive this:



            An actual Dead Island Limited/Collectors Edition

    ozgameshop does Dead Island for $48.99, and X11s for 53.99. That's $102.98 delivered, and you can have your headphones a few months early... No DLC weapons, but I'm sure that if they become available they'll still clock in under the $130 mark... in fact if you grab the DX11's for 122.99 you're getting 7.1 Dolby Surround for only $42 more than EB's charging for their pack!

    Meh, they sell those there for about 30$ most of the time as "discounted 50% off", so basically they just charge the surplus to the game :\

    i dont know where to say this but... F3AR BROKE STREET DATE :D just got a text from eb games... thats 3 street breaks in 4 weeks, due nukem forever, zelda: ocarina of time 3d and now f3ar! coincidence ? i think not!

    I know they are trying but importing is still the cheaper route.

    I've been thinking about buying a good headset, but I am in the market for a mid-high end range, not entry level.

    Garbage LE IMO. On the plus side, I'm going to be able to save some money with Dead Island by getting my hands on a super cheap import PC copy.

    I have two sets of X11s and paired them with a Turtle Beach EarForce DSS (Dolby Headphone decoder) and an Astro DH Decoder (can't recall its name) and they sound great.

    I have a Logitech Z680 but Dolby Headphone sounds almost as realistic to me.

    I recommend getting a DSS and X11 over a more expensive set because even the more expensive ones seem (at least in Turtle Beach range) 'disposable.' You can keep the DH Decoder and buy another cheap pair of X11s without worry.

    That is all.

    Oh, and no one online has ever complained about my X11s. I suspect if you have heard a 'buzzing' noise on your end when another player has X11s then it could be the cable not properly plugged in or maybe a dodge set.

    The only set that gave a buzz to others for me was the official wireless Microsoft one.

    I'm going to take a wild guess that this is EB again acting on its own and this is not publisher driven

    interesting times we live.

    Turtle Beach Headsets should be come with every game console!

    They are simply amazing!

    The Buzz noise you claim to be hearing would be from the crap wireless X31 turtle beach headsets

    They phased them out rather fast with way new and better models

    Check out the PX 5 or the upcoming XP 500 or the Z6A

    Once you go Turtle Beach you NEVER go back!

    So had Dead Island been passed yet then? After all the recent kerfuffles, this was one game I was thinking was definitely going to be import-only.

    Seems like this isn't such an EB Games exclusive as they claim:

    I bought the Turtle Beach headset a couple months ago. I only use it for COD Black Ops zombies so far. I had recently bought LA Noire (sp?) and had the newest Mortal Kombat. I took them to GameStop, sold them back, got Badlands and one of the old COD's - and still had $12 in credit to put toward this game. Totally worth it - the package? Not so much.

    If anyone happens to know if you can hook up 2 headsets to use for a split-screen zombie game, please e-mail me and tell me how...

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