Dead Or Alive Dimensions Currently Being Re-Rated - Hoping For An MA15+ Classification

We've just spoke to a representative from a major Australian video games retailer who has confirmed that they have been asked to take Dead or Alive: Dimensions off the shelf. All retailers have been given strict instructions to stop selling the game.

The email arrived at 4.05pm this afternoon.

According to the email, Nintendo are currently in the process of re-rating the game, and are hoping to receive and MA15 rating.

We are currently waiting on a report from the Classification Board, and hope to speak to someone from Nintendo or the game's distributor THQ soon.


    So a PG rated game is suddenly jumping to an MA rating... WHY? There's no sexual content and the fighting action is not explicit.

    Could this be knee-jerk wowserism in response to nonsense headlines like this?

    Remember that the previous Dead or Alive fighting game, Dead or Alive 4, on 360, was a soft M. For a remake of the same game, with no stronger content, to be pressured into an MA slot, is an indication that the classification board is being wrangled into changing something based on factors outside of the actual game content.

    The ironic thing is the Swedish controversy is due to DOA being used as an attempt to force a test case into court relating to draconion child porn laws - but instead, Nintendo chose to withdraw it, though I hear it got released in a number of Swedish stores anyway. It was never actually banned.

    So it got tarred with this brush because it was being used as an absurdity to try and test a law in Sweden.

    What that has to do with its status in Australia? Should be nothing, but we'll see how the story plays out.

      "There’s no sexual content"

      It might not be overt, but photography mode is fairly self-explanatory.

      They were treading a fine line already with the borderline child porn thing, but please let's not pretend this franchise has turned into anything but fetishistic voyeurism.

        Fetishistic voyeurism aside, there is no 'thin line' they were treading. Anyone who thinks that DoA is in any way remotely related to Child Porn needs their eyes checked.

          I personally have no problem with the game, other than me personally finding its features creepy. But the big kerfuffel going on now is due to the ambiguous ages of some of the female characters, that people think is child porn-y.

          I'm guessing they'll just stamp their (over 18) ages in game manuals from now on, just to make that issue clear.

        You're absolutely wrong. It's a fighting game.

        The characters are considered underage in SWEDEN because they are 18 which is under their age for characters depicted this way, but last i checked, boobs were for feeding babies and theres nothing wrong with that!

    Come on, so far this is about the only 3DS game the interests me. And I still want it to be available when I get a 3DS.

    The saddest part of this whole debacle is that people who don't play games will think people who play games were actually interested in buying Dead Or Alive: Dimensions.

    I've got myself a rare "PG" edition of Dead or Alive Dimensions. highest bidder, go!


    In 10 years this is going to be hilarious, we'll all look back on how the Australian censors were so wacky and conservative.

    Then we'll hang our heads in shame realising that nothing's actually changed.

      +1 Though with the carbon tax i probably can't afford this, Though the money i'm saving with all this cheap beef... maybe I can...

    So, it gets rated PG, then because of one article calling it "child porn" because the characters are under 18 (despite the consentual age of sex being 16), it gets banned.

    All this while DOA4 enjoyed sitting on shelves for around 5 years now with an M rating and never got banned?

    And people wonder why Australia is a backwards nanny-state.

      So it gets rated PG, then because of one article calling it "child porn" it is turned into a game that can ONLY be child porn because the people who would otherwise be able to "date" a 16 yr old and not be up for statutory rape aren't allowed to buy it...

        Well, that would be the case if we had an 18+ anyway. Seeing as this is 15+ I guess it doesn't really work... :P

    Channel 10 actually got on this bandwagon talking about this and the R18+ last night on Channel 10

    The ACL rep went on about how they believed that the R18 would allow much more Violent Games to get into the hands of children

    Then a supporter saying why the R18 is necessary so that some of the violent games that are only rated 15+ when necessary could be rated Higher

    with the Piece ending with a reporter in a game store holding a copy of DOA Dimensions where she went onto say you can apparently take upskirts photos or something like that in game and they said the government was going to review it again

    I got my copy *drools*

    It won't get reclassified. It's headed right to their favorite classification: refused

    This is the biggest in a long long series of fails! Srsly - PG was probably about right, the fighting is low impact in these DOA games.

    This is all a knee-jerk reaction (not unlike the beef debacle referenced above) to an ABC report which at it's heart is suggesting what all ABC reports suggest - that we should be less like Australia and more like Scandanavia.

    While I suspect that the game will be re-classified with an M or MA15+, the prospect of a game like DOA dimensions getting RC'd is a worrying prospect. Knowing how Japanese games are with female characters, any game with a youngish character can potentially face our banhammer, which will severely impact the number of games we get from Japan. From there, they can also apply this sort of thinking to any current/future animes that appear on our shelf.

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