Dead Or Alive: Dimensions Has Its Classification Revoked

We've just gotten word that the Dead or Alive: Dimensions, which was the subject of much controversy in the mainstream media as of late, has had its classification revoked. We're currently looking into this and will have more information soon.


    So if they changed the in game ages of these characters to 18, would this all be averted?

    I thought you had gone home and the Duke had taken over...

    R18+ has nothing to do with this. This's been censored due to allegations of underage characters in compromising angles. It's absolute bullshit, and I'm incensed with violent rage. Not only that, it's hysterical pandering and an embarrasment.

    I can only assume that's the reason, anyway. I hate Australia sometimes.

      Have you seen yahoo news, they even go as far as calling it child porn
      Media hysteria at its finest folks

    I didn't even think that was possible.

    Then again, this is the AUSTRALIAN government we're talking about.

    So, are we just going to assume that the classification board randomly decided the game is offensive now, because people in Europe think it's child porn?

    First we can't have flat chested women in porn because they're too childish. I guess busty animated ninjas are inappropriate now too?

    It could be perfectly innocent, maybe they just want to bump it up to M/MA15+ or somethnig like every other game in the series.

    OFFS. Duke, when you're finished at Kotaku today buddy, go and give the Classification Board a whupping for us? Cheers.

    stupid christian failures, get out of my way and make way for R18+!!!

    I suddenly have the urge to buy this game.
    Thanks mainstream media and righteous crusaders!

      Yeah me too...I'm totally getting it tomorrow if it hasn't already been taken off shelves.

    I can't help but feel that there's possibly some warped irony in us making an argument "We want ratings to be in line with other countries", and then them suddenly comparing it with Sweden's classification of the game.
    It's like, of all the times to actually take note of one of our points, you pick the most idiotic and ridiculous example.

    Last time I checked, girls under 18 have boobs and wear low cut tops.

    This is the most retarded thing of all retarded things in existence. The fact that there's even a slight assumption concerning child-porn is just beyond ridiculous.

    Talk about a knee-jerk response... they can't do anything right. I honestly don't really care too much about the series, but seriously? Child porn? It was ridiculous when it was declared as such in Sweden, and it's ridiculous over here as well.

    Well, I guess we can't have it both ways. If we can get Fallout 3 and the like reclassified so we can play it, we can't complain when they decide to reclassify DOA. .

    Note: I do think it's a bit ridiculous though.

      The difference is that Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead 2 and pretty much every game that has been RCed and then accepted has been resubmitted to the Classification Board, most of the time with changes based on the original classification review.

      DOA was not resubmitted. It was just revoked.

    So, due to the fact that the character's age, unspecified in the game or the manual, is documented as below 18 in another country and because there is a photography mode which you can capture images of them in clothed but compomising positions, and because yet another country has taken it to task, the Australian Government has revoked it's rating. For free, too, which I didn't believe them to be capable of.
    Hopefully this will create a precedent that any game which may be reclassified due to the introduction of previously unavailable information, such as an R18+ rating, will be done for free.
    Wait, does this mean DOA beach volleyball has to have it's classification revoked?

      The volleyball games being revoked was my thoughts as well. Seems a bit odd.

    Well this is the only country in the western world to have charged a man with viewing child porn for looking at cartoons of Bart Simpson having sex.

    We shouldn't be surprised at anything.

    Mind-numbingly ridiculous.

    Let me get this straight, because of a complaint and media beat-up in another country that have no basis in reality, politicians in this country raise concerns and get this game banned.


    From PG to revoked. The mind is baffled.

    P.S. Fistbeard is lol'ing as he's playing it right now on his 3DS.

    It's moments like these that conjure up images of the government, the classification board, the ACL, Australian cricket team selectors, and some daily telegraph "journalists" sitting in stone cutters robes clinking to another successful day's work.

    Settle down already. It's been revoked, not RC'd. Chances are it'll go in for reclassification and come out with an M at worst. It's a waste of time and money, yes, but it's not the end of the world.

    We're not alone:

    Sure some of the costumes are a bit risque, but I've seen nothing so far that should suggest it was worthy of an MA rating or worse.

    Notice to dumbasses: This game has been refused classifiction on the basis that it contains sexualised images of people under the age of 18.

    Sexualised images of minors would be banned under ANY classifcation scheme, as they should be.

    This isn't an issue that has anything to do with nutty christians, dumbass polititians or the R18+ rating.

    Yes you can make the argument that they could just change the ages to 19 and it would be fine- and they can. But the current standard in this country means that an overtly sexualised image of a minor is illegal in any form (yeah thats an objective decision, and the classification board made one - deal with it).

    Maybe the developers shouldn't be so dimwitted and immature as to offend the basic standards of a whole bunch of countries...

      Oh and Mark- you should change the picture from the top of this page making it clear that this issue has NOTHING at all to do with the R18+ rating, before we get some nutcase running the line "gamers support child exploitation as part classification review" or some other such nonsense.

      Sorry if I seem annoyed by this- its an annoying diversion from the actual issue.

      Except it was deemed acceptable the first time it was classified and as far as I'm aware the age of the characters are not specified.

      If they had used that reasoning from the very beginning, that would have been fine, but this game has been on shelf with a PG rating.

      and yet doa:xbv 1 and 2 made it through no problem with the same girls in similar situations. Absurd.

      "an overtly sexualised image of a minor is illegal in any form"

      Once more for the slow brigade:

      These. Aren't. Real. People.
      They. Are. Cartoons.

    The SMH article linked to the other day (link below) says that the Classification Board "must not reclassify a game within 2 years".

    While I wouldn't put it past a journalist to just make something up, if this exists in the code, surely what they have done is illegal?

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