Devil May Cry Series Getting HD Re-Releases

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Devil May Cry series, and to commemorate the occasion, it looks like Capcom will be releasing a collection of three games, all of them remastered in high definition.

Those games are Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2 and Devil May Cry 3, the collection outed not by an official Capcom announcement, but by virtue of being spotted on a Spanish retailer.

With box art and details, this indeed looks like the real thing and not some fantastical placeholder, but we're asking with Capcom just in case.

The retailer's listing says it'll be out in November, and only a PS3 version is on their site at the moment.

DEVIL MAY CRY HD COLLECTION [XtraLife, via Siliconera]


    I would -kill- to see these done on DMC4's virtuosic engine. But no, it'll be a shoddy re-texture job... :(

    MGS + DMC HD Remakes = Games of the Year

      *ahem* Ico / Shadow of the Colossus collection.


    The only bad thing about this is that I will lose the ~150 hours I put into DMC3 and several playthroughs of DMC1 and 2. Hopefully they update the controls for 1 since they feel horribly dated.

    Hopefully making this will also make Capcom realise how bad an idea this 'DmC" reboot s*** is.

      Have you watched the gameplay trailer for the newboot? Cause it's still the same gameplay style.

        The gameplay seems to be similar but the story and chatacters that have been built up over the last 10 years have been thrown out the window and a large part of what I like the game is the characters and story (as well as kick ass gameplay)

          "Characters thrown out the window."
          You do realize that you're just playing as a younger Dante before his full devil powers emerged.

            Didnt Capcom in their interview call it a rebirth? They never called it prequel and as far as I know its more like a reboot. It has almost nothing to do with the main series' story.

    1. Exclude backwards compatibility in PS3 and significant amount of Xbox 360 games.

    2. Wait a few years.

    3. Re-release games as "HD" versions.

    4. Profit

    Hopefully they use the Special Edition for DMC3, though the boxart doesn't suggest that... :(

    I'll take this over team ninja's "reimagining" any day

    here's to the arts finally realising there's no money in originality and just doing remakes from now till the robots take over

    @oggob: I'm sure they will, SE was so widespread I think most people forgot there was even a different version before it.

    As for this topic in general... Well. I'm not dumb enough to buy the same games I bought years ago, but I guess this doesn't do any harm. And I suppose if I was optimistic I could wish this would show Capcom what idiots they were for handing the series over to Team Failboat.

    Ill definitively be picking this up, i missed out on DMC1 and DMC2 so it'll be great to play through those games and ill probably replay DMC3 aswell.

    DMC3 remains my favourite of the series and I've been hurting for an updated version without having to resort to hacking away at the horrific PC port.

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