Devil May Cry's E3 Trailer Brings The White Hair

'Don't like the new Dante's look? You may want to watch this.

You know, this still looks nothing like a Devil May Cry game. And as someone who was never really interested in Devil May Cry games before, but likes where this is going, that's a good thing.


    man there should be ANOTHER prequel where you play as sparda. I dunno man, similar to infamous 2, I like playing with the original character.

    So he goes Super Saiyan for a bit to get white hair ?

    Actually that looks EXACTLY like a DMC game...just with a really shitty looking Dante.

    DMC... what have they done to you?

    I love what Ninja Theory tried to do with Heavenly Sword & Enslaved, but those games always seemed to lack something. I can't even pin down exactly what they were missing, but they seemed...diluted. Like you could just breeze through without really needing to try at any point.

    Hopefully they don't make the same mistakes with DMC though, as the set pieces so far look pretty incredible.

    Why does Dante come off as being an emo kid?

    Nice try. Still a no. Gameplay looks a bit more promising than the last hideous trailer but seeing things like full-circle AoE launchers just reminds me that Team Ninja is making it, not Capcom. You won't be seeing DMC3 style combo videos from this one.

    They either need to change Dante or change the name of the game...

    Not sure what to think. Graphics seem a bit bland. Not hatin' on the character design as much as I was though

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