Diablo III Looks To Be A Gamescon No-Show

Blizzard listed the titles it will be showing at the upcoming Gamescon gaming expo. Diablo III doesn't appear as though it will be there. Kotaku will be there, though! Diablo III is currently slated for who-knows-when. [via VideoGamer]


    Uhm... so the titles it listed were??? Nothing? I'm a little confused? Meh.

      "Blizzard instead revealed plans for StarCraft II eSports showmatches, live World of Warcraft guild raids, and the company's traditional dance and costume competitions."

      Oh nevermind... yeah Blizzard, one of my Big 3 "B" Devs that I dislike while the world seems to worship them. Dance and costume parties wooo!

        I personally love my Blizzard games but the cult worship surrounding them is over the top. Blizzard can do no wrong even when they're showing us nothing new. Sounds like Apple and their 'fans'. I have an iPod, I use iTunes - that doesn't make Steve Jobs the Messiah. /rant

    Diablo3 is suffering from DukeNukemForeverDevelopementitis

    August 2 (Australian time)

    Fan sites are being given access to the beta, and the embargo ends then.

    Cannot wait for more info on this.

    Doesn't Bashcraft mean GamescoM?

      Or does he mean Blizzcon? Either way, he's confused me.

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