Did This Beautiful Drawing Foretell The Wii U?

Did This Beautiful Drawing Foretell The Wii U?

A Square Enix Final Fantasy music website went live this past January to promote the More SQ album, remixes and reworkings of iconic Final Fantasy themes. But what’s got Japanese netizens talking is the website’s splash art.

Drawn by Akihiko Yoshida, Square Enix artist and character designer, the image features what looks to be the Wii U Controller, complete with shoulder buttons. The last time the website was updated was April 4 and the art was first shown in January, so this is most likely a kwinky-dink – but a stunning one at that.


Sure, compared to the actual Wii U Controller, it doesn’t look as much like the Wii U Controller, but it does hit some of its key features.

Even if it’s not the Wii U Controller, Nintendo’s new touch screen has never looked better.

If you plan on visiting the link below, word to the wise: There are pipes.

More SQ [Square Enix via 読みゲー]


  • It’s a Final Fantasy MUSIC site, man.

    Kotaku just ran a feature about the karaoke music selection devices that are popular in Japan, to which the Wii U controller bears a striking resemblance.

  • No it didn’t and neither did it foretell another pointless US article.

    Thanks again, Mark and co!

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