‘Digital’ Gamers Purchase More Than ‘Core’ Gamers – But What Does That Mean?

Last week, I posted an editorial discussing the word ‘gamer‘ and what that word meant as gaming becomes increasingly ubiquitous. Now this report from the the NPD discusses how ‘Digital’ gamers are outspending ‘Core’ gamers in the marketplace. My question? What the hell is the difference between the two, and why are we bothering to distinguish?

“According to Gamer Segmentation 2011: The New Faces of Gamers, the latest report from leading market research company The NPD Group, Core Gamers, once considered to be the leading gaming segment within the video game industry, is facing rising competition from Digital Gamers for amount of time spent gaming and number of games acquired,” reads the press release.

“At 18 hours per week, Core Gamers still spend the most amount of time gaming, but Digital Gamers are heavy gamers as well, spending 16 hours per week. The average number of games acquired by Core Gamers in the past three months is 5.4 games, while Digital Gamers are the heaviest game acquirers, reporting an average of 5.9 games acquired for any system/device over the same time period.”

I literally don’t even know what this means.

What is a core gamer. What is a digital gamer. Why are they different? Why is this even important?

This is precisely what I meant when I spoke about the way we, as gamers, make ourselves way too easy to market to by buying into and affiliating ourselves with these completely meaningless distinctions between gamers.

Surely there is crossover. ‘Core’ gamers, if there is such a thing, buy digitally, and vice versa. Why the segregation?

I just don’t get it – am I wrong here? Am I losing my mind!?

NPD report: ‘Digital gamers’ encroaching on ‘Core gamer’ turf [Joystiq]

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