Dirt 3 Introduces: The Reverse Uncanny Valley

We've seen plenty of games trying to achieve photographic realism, but how often do we come across attempts to make real life look more like a game? The folks over at Codemasters have done just that, with their latest tie-in video for last month's racing title Dirt 3.

Shot using a tilt-shift lens, this video of Ken Block whizzing around London's Battersea Power Station has the appearance of having been miniaturized or computer-generated.

Dirt 3 is currently out on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.


    Thank you Kotaku for introducing me to tilt-cam's. They are the greatest thing since zoom lenses!

    Is it bad I was more interested in watching the aerial cameras flying around, and wondering about coordinating filming than the car itself?

    I've seen this technique used in photography before, but not video. I like it.

    *sigh* Gosh I miss London!

    Damn, he can drive!

    I was trying to do that stuff on the weekend, resulting in much virtual panel damage.

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