Does Breaking Bad Now Star Video Game’s Lost Hero?

Does Breaking Bad Now Star Video Game’s Lost Hero?

This poster, recently slapped up on the walls of some of New York City’s subway stations, advertises the next season of AMC’s Breaking Bad. But gamers like me who look at it will probably see something else.

Gordon Freeman, hero of Half-Life, is that you?


This is Freeman as he appears on the box art for 2006’s Half-Life 2 in 2004. There hasn’t been a new Half-Life game since 2007, despite fans’ frequent please to series’ creator Valve Software to make a new one.

Gordon, it’s nice to see you again… sort of.

I don’t watch Breaking Bad (I know, I know… I should). I’m guessing that there’s no actual Half-Life crossover in the show.

As for this poster, others people appear to have noticed this earlier this month. I didn’t catch it until this week, when the posters started going up at stations for Manhattan and Brooklyn’s worst subway line, the C train.


  • You don’t watch Breaking Bad????


    But seriously, Bryan Cranston looks awesome in that poster 😀 Very Freeman 🙂

    • indeed, mega-facepalm.

      what more plot do you need than chemistry-teacher-gets-cancer-cooks-crystal-meth-to-save-money-for-his-family-and-gets-progressively-more-insane ?

  • I’ve just recently watched all three available seasons of Breaking Bad, and it is the best television show experience you will ever have.

    Go pick them up at JB while they’re cheap – twenty bucks a season.

    • The Wire S1-5, Deadwood (while it lasted), Game of Thrones and the Sopranos all give it a run for its money

        • Ahhh all of the above – just proves how bad free-to-air television is. There are really only a rare few who hold some quality, with Castle is personal favourite.

          I’ve finally got round to watching Boardwalk Empire, just fuels my never dying love for Master Scorsese and Cable TV Shows.

  • Breaking Bad FTW, can’t wait for next season!

    Really though, if anyone was going to play Gordon Freeman I would love it to be Bryan Cranston. He’s come a long way after Malcolm In The Middle (of which he was also awesome).

    • +1 To him playing Freeman.

      Cranston has been a fair amount since 1982. The last 2 decades being his busiest.
      IMO Breaking Bad his best yet.

      The scope of his acting is top notch and so it should be in almost 30 years of being at it.

      When he can portray a halfwit dad in a comedy to a guy like Walt and score three consecutive Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Emmy Award, I will happily watch him in anything he does in the future.

      I reckon he could do with a guest role in The Game of Thrones series/world during one of his off seasons. 🙂

      In the mean time I am hanging for the new season of Breaking Bad.

  • ahhhhhhh Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad is an AMAZING show !
    Not only has he come a long way since Malcolm in the Middle….but he also does the VO for Isamu Dyson from MACROSS PLUS !!


    that is all….

    • That is incredible.

      I have always thought the whole, ‘Scientist becomes total bad-ass and kills everything.’ felt a little contrived.

      But that picture right there, makes it seem plausible. I guess it’s similar to his Breaking Bad character in a way, regular bloke enters dark world of drug dealing.

      But damn, I would totally believe him as Gordon Freeman.

  • Haha Freeman’d have a few years to go before he looks like that… On second thought he probably will look like that by the time HL Ep 3 is done; the effect of Valve Time on age cannot be denied.

  • Stephen. Tortilo. Start watching Breaking Bad, or I’m going to find you, and I’m going to punch you just an uncountable number of times. What you’re doing is the television equivalent of your loaded uncle buying you ______ (insert whatever you want more than anything in the world) and then you not even using it or telling him thanks. That’s what you’re doing by not watching this marvel of entertainment and filmography. I’m ASHAMED of you. So are your parents. So is that uncle.

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