Does The Supporting Cast Of L.A. Noire Look Familiar?

Does The Supporting Cast Of L.A. Noire Look Familiar?

Those actors should! Many of them have appeared in big-name TV programs and feature films. You might not know their names, but maybe you’ve seen their faces. They are character actors.

Take Keith Szarabajka, who plays Arson Detective Herscel Biggs. The actor played Detective Stephens in The Dark Knight and appeared in Season 4 of 24.

Others include Garla Gallo, who played Gloria Bishop in L.A. Noire‘s “The Fallen Idol”. She’s appeared in The 40 Year-Old Virgin, Superbad and Bones. Actor Ned Vaughn plays L.A. Noire‘s traffic desk captain; recently, he’s appeared on Mad Men. Courtney Gains, who’s appeared in Back to the Future and Memphis Belle, plays a suspect in L.A. Noire‘s Golden Butterfly case.

Of course, L.A. Noire protagonist Cole Phelps is played by Aaron Staton of Mad Men. His performance, and the performance of the other actors, was captured with high tech cameras that filmed scenes from multiple angles.

Click through the link below to read more about L.A. Noire‘s character actors.

Where’ve I Seen that Face? L.A. Noire’s Character Actor Line-Up: Detective Biggs, Gloria Bishop, Captain Gordon Leary and More [Rockstar]


  • Two small characters i noticed were actors who had small roles in ‘how i met your mother’ and ‘scrubs’. It was really distracting because i saw one of them everywhere and i became convinced he was significant…he wasn’t.

  • Patrick Fischler, who plays Mickey Cohen (and is a great actor) also has a recurring role in Mad Men, as do Michael Gladis (bar tender in a traffic case, and also pops up in a side mission) and Rich Sommer (travel agent guy in The Gas Man).

        • I read an interview with Patrick Fischler and he explained that Mad Men and LA Noire had the same casting directors. That’s partly why so many Mad Men actors show up out of nowhere (That and they’re all great actors).

  • Rusty Galloway and Mickey Cohen are both in Southland, and her name is Carla Gallo, not ‘Garla’.

    • Yeah it’s cool working Arson with that guy from Angel and then investigating another person from Angel.

  • Dont forget Greg Grunberg the cop from Heroes who in LA Noire plays that father in that one murder case.

  • Was pretty chuffed with myself when I spotted Carla Gallo. Big fan of Carnivàle

    There’s also that drunk you see everywhere, has that face you always recognise but you never remember the name.

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