Does The Wii U Have Yellow Screen Issues?

Does The Wii U Have Yellow Screen Issues?
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Before we start, note that the Wii U hasn’t gone into production. Nintendo can (hopefully) fix any Wii U Controller issues before the new console launches, and it’s better to bitch about this shit now than after the fact.

Japanese netizens are pointing out that the Wii U Controller’s screen appears to have a yellow tint, or more colorfully, that it’s “pee” coloured. Some commenters recall that apparently the DS Lite had a urine-colored touch screen when it launched, leading to concerns that the Wii U will, too.

The first above image reads: 色に注意 or “Notice the color”. The television screen and Wii U Controller screen are circled. Do that: notice the colour.

Other commenters says that the photographer’s camera is to blame or it’s the flash or that it’s merely the viewing angle.

Out of fairness, I went through the photos that Getty’s Kevork Djansezian at E3 and included them in a gallery, along with photos taken by Japanese site Game Watch Impress.

The yellow hue does appear to depend on the viewing angle—sometimes, it’s white, sometimes it’s yellow. Since I haven’t seen it with my naked eye, I’m willing to pass judgment. Moreover, I’ll give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt. The Wii U Controller isn’t in production yet, so if there is an issue, Nintendo can address it before the machine launches. If the Wii U is truly an HD console, then Nintendo shouldn’t skimp on the controller’s screen.

【尿液晶】『Wii U』のコントーローラーの液晶画面が黄色すぎる件 [オレ的ゲーム情報]


      • Yeah – games “journalists” who used it for ten minutes. I thought it looked clunky, then I found out it’s bigger than a wii. This is either genius or madness, and I’m betting on the latter.

        • So because we’re making observations from photos and videos that games “journalists” have taken, clearly we’re in a better position to judge then they who, in addition to looking and taking said photos, have experimented with the controller.

    • Do you really think that after all their experience, years and countless millions of dollars they would screw up something beyond fundamental like ‘is the controller comfortable to hold’?

      As for the screen colour issue, this is so pointless – go take some photos of screens on your own devices and check out how they turn out in the photos – all of them different depending on the type of screen, lighting, angles, day of the week, distance to Jupiter, etc.

  • I really don’t see the yellow colour in any of the pictures, except for the one where the body of the controller is orangish due to some weird lighting.

  • Ummm… people know about LCD screens and viewing angles right? Depending on the technology used to make the LCD panel you get different colour accuracy, refresh rates and “viewing angles”. It wouldn’t surprise me that the Wii U’s LCD is the “TN” type with it’s advantages of good refresh rates and being the cheapest of all 3 panel types to manufacture. My Computer monitor uses a TN Panel also and If I look at it from the side at a ~45 degree angle it becomes yellow and discoloured.

    Case closed.

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