Duke Nukem Forever Breaks Street Date

We've just gotten word that Duke Nukem has broken street date. We've called EB Games to confirm - they are selling the game in-stores now.

EB has already announced the street date break on their Facebook page and notified those with pre-orders.

No word yet, but we expect other retailers to follow suit.

EDIT: GAME, JB Hifi and Game Traders are all now selling Duke Nukem Forever early.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


    Hey wait a minute. Duke never comes early!

    [Anyone got any of that nasal spray stuff?]

    Just received the txt from EB stating I can come and collect my pre-order.

    Feeling a bit skittish though... No reviews online typically mean it's rubbish and they want to cash in on release day sales before anyone finds out...

      No reviews can mean two things:

      They didn't release a code to reviewers. This can happen.

      If they do release a code, usually there is an embargo on publishing the review unless it gets a high score.

        Just to clarify - there certainly can be embargo's on particular titles. The content of the review shouldn't matter as most online publications should receive notification of the embargo prior to collecting a copy of a particular game.

        3rd option, they released code to reviewers but not early enough that it would be a priority in an E3 week with two console announcements.

      Crap or great, it's still a piece of video game history.

    Yeah I got my text from EB about 20 minutes ago. Too bad I can't get it yet, gotta wait till payday next week...stupid priorities!

      My understanding is they'll only hold the pre-order for 48-hours.

        That's right, 48hrs. You might want to give them a call though and ask them to hold it for longer since the "official" release date hasn't passed.

    **Hey wait a minute. Duke never comes early!

    [Anyone got any of that nasal spray stuff?] **

    It's about time Duke came, he's been fucking us for a while.

      I never heard your sister complaining...

        Post of the Year All Years

      I literally LOL, thanks.

    In this case it's an NDA stopping reviews from hitting the world before a certain time on 10/6. Which quite likely means the same thing...

    For all of those that bet on Duke... I'm sorry.

    I'm waiting to hear from JB Hifi so I can get my pre-order. They tend to take forever when a game breaks street date

    good for console owners, but not for PC gamers steam wont unlock for another 8hrs

      eh i got my copy for 36US off of greenman gaming im happy to wait

    I'm still betting it's going to be rubbish. Sentimentality and toilet humour/crudity that made you giggle 15 years ago won't work so well today.

    I mean, prove me wrong, I've got mates who've been gagging for this since '97, but call my cynical, call me a realist, or even a troll - I've placed my bet.

      Duke is awesome. You either agree or disagree.
      The gameplay when viewed on its own merits, could be good or bad.

      To me, Duke is awesome and I'm really hoping the gameplay will back him up.
      I want to pick it up, but I'll wait for some reviews. Gameplay videos have me feeling positive that it'll play well though.

      It's very unpolished and also very dated. The console versions in particular have some very serious technical issues, chief among them is an incredibly unstable framerate. It's a decent ride for Duke fans who finally want some closure for this but you can definitely tell that the game originates from a half-decade old build. The fact that the game places the story's events back in 2008 cements this.

    Chances of buying without positive word of mouth = 0. An embargo break is no good unless there's also an embargo break on reviews, at a minimum.

    Just walked in and picked up a copy at my local JB, $79 PC.

    haha knew it would come out today :)

    There IS an embargo on reviews, they aren't authorised to go live until the actual release date of the title in this case, June 10th: tomorrow. Reviewers have to sign NDAs to make sure nothing goes out until after release.

      Also remember that it doesn't come out in the US until a couple of days after the AU release; so you probably wont see reviews on the major sites until after the weekend.

        Bajo from Good Game just tweeted that he can't talk about it until midnight tonight.

    Just tried to install it. It won't let you, stating it isn't released!

    The demo sadly didn't do anything for me.

    5 Years ago it would have been good/great. Today it feels quite old. Also getting 120 FPS on my system that gets 40 in Witcher two without uber sampling tells me its been sitting on the shelf too long too.


      Agreed. The demo was a load of garbage, not to mention just being the e3 2010 demo.

    From what I have heard, the PC versions wont even work until tomorrow because of steam activation.

    Let the console fans have their moment. Duke is going to be at its best on PC. Hail the king

    12 years to create the game and then they release it a day early? Allanis Morrisset would call this ironic.

    Mine was mailed out on Tuesday, but I'll be lucky if it arrives today.

    I'll pick it up when it's cheap, they didn't give me enough time to save up for it.

      Would another 14 years help :P

    If you get the PC version you won't be able to play because 2K has set it to not allow the game to work till a certain time (Steam release).

    Damn you 2K!

    I have no idea why EBGames have broken the release date, this is stupid. In the world of online activation, retailers need to just stop making up their own release dates. There's a big yellow "STRICT RELEASE" on the box for a reason. Other retailers, such as myself, get really pissed off at this kind of thing.

    We keep reporting EBGames to the distributor and there's never any action.

      That is because they are the all powerful EB Games.

      Might just be me getting my info wrong but isn't EB games GameStop? makes sense the Distributor wouldnt do anything to stop them/

      FYI - I work at an EB Games store, and we began selling Duke yesterday AFTER we found out the Toys R Us store in our shopping centre had started selling it. We then followed Street Date Break procedure, which entitled us to begin selling. I'm not sure if this Toys R Us are the only place that started selling early, but as far as we know, EB Games have just played by the rules, and other stores were informed by head office after we informed them of the break.


        Great and powerful EB Games (who tend to break ALOT of street dates apparantly...)

        Did you tell the PC customers that they couldnt actually PLAY the game you sold them until the following day? Nope. You just wanted their cash. Assholes.

    Kind of ironic that a game whose release dare tagline was "When it's done" is actually released early.

    Picked my PC BoS Edition from EB Games before... pity Steam won't let me install it... =(

    I refuse to believe it exists. Therefore, I bought InFamous 2 instead because I know that it'll live up to my expectations.

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