Duke Nukem Forever Demo Is Out!

For First Access Club Members, anyway. Demo codes are ready to be redeemed though Xbox Live, the PSN, or Steam. Get to it! [Thanks everyone who sent this in!]


    Played it on Steam/PC. Total shit.

    This game is a relic. I know thats kind of the point, but progress usually happens for a reason.

      I think one of the game/demo's major flaws is that they tried to apply progress where it wasn't needed.

    Yeah, there's a reason this is being review embargoed and released the same week as E3.

    Downloading now. Not expecting much from it.

    Honestly? Extremely disappointed.

    The controls and "feel" of the game are just appalling, the mechanics of the game are horrible too whether it be the fact you can only hold 2 weapons at a time or one of the many other problems..

    This game will still sell well on hype alone but like.. i'm really disappointed

    Well, played the demo and . . . nyeah.
    I was a HUGE Duke 3D fan back in the day - played the thing to death. This just seems really dated.
    I agree with Switch296, the 'feel' is just not right. The looks of the game is dated, the Duke humour is kind of lost on me now as well - sure, there was a momentary smile as I fished the surprise out of the toilet . . .and that was the highlight.
    The driving part is TERRIBLE - I dont know - its just missing something.
    Ill wait and see what the full game brings, but Im not holding much hope at all. Save my money for Uncharted 3 and Batman Arkham City me thinks

      When fishing a turd out of a toilet bowl is the highlight of the demo, you know it's one to avoid.

      Even the one-liners for it were cringeworthy

        How'd you cope with the "????... PROFIT!" joke. Hooray, thirteen year old jokes! Is that the one thing that has been kept in DNF since it first started development so many years and game engines ago?

    hahahaha so after 12 years it turns out to be crap?

    I'll still buy it but might wait til it's $10 on steam or something.

    For some reason, when I see videos and screenshots of Duke Nukem Forever, I'm instantly reminded of Prey, which was mediocre imo.

    So much negativity. But then again with 14 years and large dreams gamers will have (aka personal expectations being way too high) then comments like those above are to be expected. I played this at Supanova Melbourne and thought it was a hoot. But then again I don't expect a masterpiece. Lower your expectations and standards people

      I've been keeping my expectations low as possible and I still thought the actual gameplay was terrible. I'll still try and force myself to play through it though, if only for old times.

    Yeah the demo sucked. Very disappointed.

    I was expecting a mediocre effort, but this is garbage. Poor controls, terrible 2 weapon system, stale environments. If this is the best they could manage after 12 years, they should have let sleeping dogs lie.

    RIP Duke Nukem.

    The disappointment has nothing to do with expectations and has everything to do with it feeling like Duke Nukem inserted into a Halo game. Regenerating health, two weapon loadouts and terrible PC ports are not conducive to a Duke game. I agree with Gemini. I think the closest we can possibly get to another genuine Duke game is Serious Sam 3.

    You would think releasing a demo would be better suited for the people who didn't pre-order the game. Or good for people like me who are kinda against the reaction this game is getting.

    Not saying it will be bad, but the reaction this game has received since it was announced it will actually be released is on the same levels as people crying over Micheal Jackson, especially when the day before he died people were making pedophilia jokes.

    There's already comments here from people who still think it's been in constant development for 12 years, when really it's only been about 2.

    I didn't find it too bad. The load times were awful though :|

    Even if this game sucks hard I still hope that Gearbox at least takes the franchise and makes at least one solid effort of their own to send Duke out on a decent note. From everything I've read and heard, Duke Nukem Forever was 'finished' by Gearbox, but it is nowhere near being a 'Gearbox game'... They just took what 3D Realms had been doing and finished it for them.

    I think Randy Pitchford and Gearbox could come up with a much better game.

      Long gone are the days of Opposing Force and Blue Shift.

    I hope gamespot tears this game apart like they did with Thor.

    Gotta love an overhyped game failing, especially with some of the insane fans on the internet, people are defending this thing insanely, but to me, someone who never played Duke Nukem, it just looks lame.

    Especially that driving bit I saw a video of. It didn't look fun in a trailer, I doubt it'd be good in-game. Only good thing about Duke was the music in the trailer, and Scott Pilgrim used it better anyway...

    After all we've heard from the months of gameplay previews and the like. The game turned out to be exactly as expected, personally I find fun to just shoot without really having to worry about dying.

    The driving part was the worst part and seemed to be put it for the sake of having it in there. Yes, as much as people say their expectations weren't high, 13 years of waiting and wanting has ultimately led to the game being a major disappointment for must who have played.

    Meh, I was only ever interested in it for the novelty value. Actually being a PC gamer in 97 and waiting for this game ALL THIS TIME and I'm not disappointed at all. I expected it to be dated since Gearbox originally stated they wanted to release it as it would have been, which is quite ballsy.

    That's not to say I think it's good. It's pretty shite actually, I'm just not disappointed. I never expected anything more.

    And i'm not exactly sure what all the "hype" was... I think people are confusing "hype" with "coverage". From all reports I've heard, no one thought it was that great when they played it.

    Played the Demo... didn't "feel" right. :O

    Clunky as hell gameplay I believe. Reminiscent of that Halo 2 and The Club sort of thing (a 'port').

    The Humour was ok at best. Fishing shite out of a toilet and flinging about was fun... if only for a moment... :S

    One question, what did you draw on the white board? >:)

    All I can say is, late.

    Because it properly won't be as awesome as other games seeing as it was been worked on forever, but it'll be goty maybe. that is all.

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