Duke Nukem Forever Demo Ready To Offend More People Today

Judge a small portion of Duke Nukem Forever for yourself. The game's demo has been widely released on Xbox Live Marketplace and Steam, with a PS3 version due "ASAP". Read Kotaku's take to see if Duke's worth the bandwidth.


    *hint* It's not worth the bandwidth.

      Xbox live is unmetered for me - does that make it worth downloading?

    I know it will be terrible but I have to try it.

    The full game is better than the demo.

    if the demo is the start of the game then yes, it will suck.

    I didn't enjoy the game until I got the shotgun.

    Stop it kotaku, now!

    I know for certain there's no way in hell I'm buying it. The Giant Bomb review already showed it's terrible. The only question is how bad. I want to try the demo just to find out...It's like a car crash. A horrible event, but you can't help but look.

    I'm certainly enjoying the full game more than the demo.
    While it's not the best game ever, I certainly wouldn't say it was terrible.

    This is one of those annoying cases where the demo is the lamest part of the game, so only really useful to see how it runs on your system.

    The full game, whilst not brilliant, is still far better than the demo would have you believe.

    I'll download it. It was such a let down when the reviews bagged it after I was looking forward to it for such a long time.

    Like a greazy burger you want so bad, knowing that you'll regret it later. The kid in me still yearns to take a bite.

    I just finished playing the demo on Steam, and I gotta say, reviewers were RELENTLESS with it.
    It's alright for what it is. Its not "gorgeous-10/10-GotY" (which I feel alot of people were expecting it to be, going by forum discussions), but its not "worst-game-of-all-time-0/10" like all the reviewers are making it out to be.

    The graphics look a little dated (think Doom 3 graphics) and the driving controls are stiff, but its at least different from the other typical FPS's these days (i.e DNF doesn't have an evil Russian dude with a huge weapon to invade America).

    I don't see why reviewers crucified this game. It actually isn't as terrible as they make it out to be. I get the feeling they did it because its not Call of Duty 12 or they didn't get paid. I'm definitely renting this soon.

    As I said I would, I torrented it, played it for 15 minutes, and patted myself on the back for not buying it.

    The start of the game's very slow and not indicative of how it plays for the most part of it's entire length. Don't base your opinion on the demo. And the guy who decided it was crap after mulling over a 15 min play session, you're an idiot.

      ...maybe 'idiot' is a bit strong, but as an "InformedGamer" I would expect more consideration in your opinions.

    I just bought USA Playstation card and it works. I am shocked.

    Played the demo off of XBL the night before last. Mildly horrified. Didn't feel like "Duke" at all, apart from the unmistakable voice. Graphics were dated, recycled sound effects, cheese title logo.. oh and Ego Meter? Ugh.

    I realize it's just the demo, but still. Come on. The ball was dropped a long time ago and should've just stayed dropped. The bit with driving the monster truck was actually my favorite part.

    I did like the fight in the football arena, but overall I just found it depressing.

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