Dust 514 Will Bring PS3 Owners And PC Gamers Together

Dust 514, CCP's first-person shooter spinoff from its EVE Online MMO, will (as expected) be a PS3 exclusive. And yet, the two games, PS3 and PC, will be linked. How can that be?

Similar to Valve's limited Steam compatibility between PC/Mac and PS3, the games on console and on PC will "share the same universe", events on one game impacting those in another.

It'll also be expanding beyond the PS3 and PC, with CCP "extending the experience" to the NGP as well.

Dust 514 will be exclusive to the PlayStation Network, and will be out in autumn 2012, though there'll be a beta at the end of this year.


    Sounds good, but Eve Online is boring as shit.

    I think ccp just cost themselves 1 sale for everyoneone of their eve online players who doesn't own a ps3

      From what I hear from my EVE playing friends they're happy it's not on PC as they consider FPS' as second-class gaming (a direct statement "leave the merc work to noob console tards").

      I couldn't get into EVE but I'll be happy to through my weight around for a corp.

    Interesting. I can play Dust while ignoring the giant miner I have on EVE. Possibilities.

    Exclusive to PlayStation Network? Does that mean it's a download title i.e. no physical retail? Does that also suggest it's not a "full size" game?

    I hope the rumours are true. Imagine what happens in one game reflects the other. Space battles happening over head guided by real players and meanwhile players on the ground battle it out for key objectives which aid there faction overhead. You can be actively involved in one and be having an impact on the other.

    Damn sellouts. Originally Dust 514 was meant to be cross platform and bring more players into a unified universe.

    Pity because as a Halo veteran I was seriously considering Dust 514 a possible conversion title for me, away from th Halo franchise.

    All they had to do was get the controls like Halo, just right another words and the rest would sort itself out.

    I'm not buying a PS3 for one title, hence a silly move by CCP.

      You can thank Microsoft's policy on that. Since neither of the games (EVE or Dust) are GFWL titles, it pretty much eliminates the possibility of the two titles being brought together for the XBox as well.

      This is not a fault of CCP.

    Any corps with a large number of Aussies recruiting?

    I'll probably be checking this out whatever platform it's on but i'll always prefer computer for FPS.

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