EA Sports Celebrates NCAA Football 12 With The Sexy Sax Man

College football is all about tradition. The tradition of the NCAA Football 12 development team is the godawful annoying "Alpha song," played every night while the game is in its alpha build. This year's song was Wham!'s "Careless Whisper," the signature tune of the Sexy Sax Man.

You may have heard of him. (This video, uploaded in March, has more than six million views.) Sexy Sax Man is quite the guerrilla artist, barging in bare-chested on food courts, laundromats, Walmarts and college classrooms to belt out "Careless Whisper", the oversaxed 1984 hit by Andrew Ridgeley and that other guy.

According to Alex Howell, NCAA's Road to Glory designer, Roy Harvey (the game's executive producer) paid his own money to get Sexy Sax Man to Maitland, Florida, to sax-bomb the team's final meeting, seen here. That's Howell, posing for the picture at the stage. You can make out NCAA's Ben Haumiller (red shirt, right of the aisle) as well as E.J. Samuel, Eric Sherwood, Bradley Schmidt and Tom Kenney.

NCAA Football 12 features enhanced game day presentation; it is unconfirmed whether Sexy Sax Man performs at halftime.


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