Earth Burns In These Mass Effect 3 Trailers

We've got not one, but two Mass Effect 3 trailers for you: one showing the Reapers arriving on Earth, the other showing all the face-punching and gun-shooting you'll do once they land.


    Ima guess the endgame right now, Shepard figures out that the reapers are centrally controlled, works out the best way to attack them isn't with a full on assault with a fleet of ships, but rather a surgical insertion team of say, 3 team members, that ends in a glorious and epic final battle.........

      Might not be. Maybe 3/4 of the game is pushing them off Earth, then the finale is taking the fight to them (pardon the cliche). It could involve large scale warzones, obviously where we'd only see the action our squad would be involved in. But it could be part of a very large push against the reapers.

      In a gameinformer interview, one of the bioware guys promised it wouldnt be as simple of an ending as 'shepard finds a long lost reaper 'off' button'

    I'm not scared of the reapers - I like eating calimari after all....

    Hot damn, that trailer looks fantastic. Can't wait to try out that blade.

    The only way to stop them is with an macbook - everyone knows that.

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