EB Estimating The PlayStation Vita Price At $338

While EB's initial price estimate for the PlayStation Vita is definitely worth pointing out, it's also worth noting that, essentially, at this stage, EB's guess is probably as good as ours. That said - EB is currently estimating that the PS Vita (Wifi version) will cost $338 in Australia. What do you guys think - would you pick up Sony's new handheld for that price?

I'd be inclined to say that $338 is probably a fair price, all things considered. But I don't expect Sony's RRP to be that low. I'm estimating roughly $350 for the Wifi version and $400 for the 3G.

We're still waiting on confirmation from Sony themselves with regards to pricing, but one Sony insider let us know that the Australian pricing would probably be more in line with the inflated European price than the US. That would suggest the PlayStation Vita Wifi version would cost $350 at least.

More news as we get it.


    either way, imporin is far cheaper, especially at the current exchange rate

    What was EB's estimation for the 3DS? Didn't the peg it at $350 and low and behold it was $350?

    Also, if you pre-order at this price, will they honour it?... if it went cheaper I'd just cancel and re-order.

      Yes. The way that EB Games's POS (Point of Sale) system works that when you go to pick up your preordered item, if the price has lowered by the time you pick it up it will automatically give you the discounted price.

      What will be interesting (as everyone says) is will the games be regin free? The other thing is will Sony Australia offer a warranty on a piece of hardware that was not sold in their regin? I have heard of some companies not extending their local warranties on their imported counterparts... Guess we will have to wait and see.

    After all my bravado about the 3DS costing the earth in OZ I'm going to agree with you on this one Mark. $350/$400 for me. Providing it releases at the same time and is region free I might even my locally if I can get a good deal.

      Region free is the other factor, given that alot of games will have cross platform features and the PS3 is region free, there is a HUGE assumption that the PSV would have to be as well.

      And for everyone else that is concerned about our price, think of it this way...

      I am happy to pay an extra $100-$150 on the price of the PSV at the local level, which will give a local warranty and then look to gain that saving back on software from O/S or whatever. To me, paying that little bit extra is overall a smarted option in the long run.

    You know if i had the disposable income i used to before i had any responsibility, i'd say feth yes!

    ...unfortunately, my income now is anything but disposable. lol

    Have barely been able to get on here to comment on all the new news.

    At that price this is probably the most tempting of the hand helds. I don't have an iphone, I like a couple of the games on the 3DS (Zelda) but that's all. With the impressive tech in this thing, if they followed it up with some really good titles then I would certainly like one.

    I don't know if I personally have time or the need of a portable gaming device, but even so I think this is the one I would want.

    I do wonder at the cost of the games as well though. Generally a console sold at cost makes money back on games, how much are the games on the 3DS?

    Yeah i think its go to be at least $350 - they want to be in a good position against the 3DS but not that good of a position when they can milk some good money out of loyal Sony people at launch. Might even go a little bit further and say $375 for the Wi-fi version.

    I'll only be happy with pricing if it is US$249+10%GST+10%-15% difference.

    With the US dollar worth less than the Australian, I refuse to pay massive markups.

    I'm inclined to agree with you, as it's $350~ here for the 3DS, I'd say it'd be about the same for the Vita here in aus.

    Although 338 would be a more logical price point for Sony as it'd put their handheld more firmly in the console wars next to the already established 3ds.

    EB typically give the upper bounds of their estimate, so that $338 is likely gonna be a MAX price, but still, importing is cheaper, so long as the content is region free.

    Not going to bother to get it from Australia if it's over $AUD300, tbh.

    At this moment with only being aware of Uncharted and Ridge Racer I would say no.

    But with the oncoming hype train I'll probably waste some money on something that my Iphone, PS3, M14x and desktop should probably satisfy.

    I already have a platform for ps3 exclusives, a laptop which provides mobile and steaming needs and an Iphone for the bus. So my head sees no reason for it.

    My consumer whore heart on the other hand...

    I'm sorry.

    I got burnt paying for the 3DS at launch with little library to speak of (even now) so I'm gonna give this a miss for a year or two.

    Found this link on whirlpool:


    Now it's really just a guessing game. I have absolutely no idea. $299 would be WOW.

      The price is supposed to be the same in AUD as it is in Euros, and that means the wifi-only model will be launching at $299 AUD.

      so doesnt that mean you convert the euros to australian dollars? so EUR$249 and EUR$299 is at the moment AUD$338/$407, so EB seem to have it pretty close?

    The Australian prices are unacceptable unless they match that of the American prices. Australia's gotta stop sucking when it comes to pricing stuff. I'm importing.

      It's not going to happen, Australia is a PAL territory, so we are with Europe, so release dates and prices will be based off them.

      Based on $338 and upto $400, that is a confirmed sale, I paid that much for the PSP and never regretted it.

      With the feature set this device has (really interested in the cross platform/cloud saves) I have no problem with this price again, especially with a local warranty.

    region free for games,sure. but if you are expecting movies and similar media to be region free then you will surely be dreaming.

    my japanese psp1000 was fine with any and all games but i could not use any of the UK movie UMDs. Due to the nature of the Movie studios you can bet movies an TV shows will be region locked and if you buy a US unit your Aussie bought films wont play..

    but.... I could be wrong.. But I would be very much surprised if I was.

      They're not going to deliver movies to you on physical media though. It'll be via PSN. And PSN is effectively region locked because it's regioned to whatever your account's region is.

        You can make another PSN account for free though. Just have to use some random US address.

    makes you think how much reducing the ram actually put it down by, but regardless seems like a good price, lets hope we dont get the short stick again

    It must be no more than $300 here in oz or I will import.

    Why does anyone on here allow themselves to be ripped off? I can understand someones mum or dad not knowing any better, but reading some of you will willingly pay $350, $400, absolutely astounds me -even more so than the Kinect [must be standing] steering wheel.

      Honestly, for launch or near-launch hardware a bit extra is often worth it in exchange for a local warranty.

        Yeah, that's reasonable with tech products. Especially given the regualrity of 360 & PS3's bricking.
        hmmm... maybe I should reconsider my hard line.

        I thought Sony had global warranty everywhere?

      You really think something that's priced identically to the 3DS in the US will come out $50 cheaper here for no other reason than the goodness of Sony's heart? Good luck.

      And just to rehash. I'm coming off like a broken record at this point, but people still don't seem to get it...

      "Sony is a multinational, not just Australian. Pricing it higher is just price hedging. The Aussie dollar is very volatile, we don’t know if it will dip down to that 50 US cents as it did in ~2001.

      By pricing it higher, it allows Sony to ride out the trough years. It’s just self-interest. Otherwise, consoles will fluctuate like restaurant lobster and have a much scarier ‘market price’ sticker instead of a fixed price.

      I know it’s very tempting as an Aussie gamer to bitch about pricing, but some context please."

      PS: If you want to import because the Aussie dollar is high, then by all means, go for it (I know I do). But to not understand why Aussie retail is priced as it is, is just juvenile and willful ignorance.

        No currency is static. The Australian dollar is actually pretty stable. The Australian dollar has been trading significantly higher than the US dollar for many months and will continue to do so for many more. This is a result of the shocking state of the US economy since the GFC. None of the US economic figures point to a recovery anytime soon. There are also no significant US policy initiatives coming online anytime soon that would lead to any change in the economic conditions and therefore forecasts, for the US. You would be hard pressed to find a single economist who would disagree in the slightest with any of this. It is false to say Australia requires companies to place a premium on their products due to a "volatile currency".

        PS: Calling your fellow forum users juvenile is in itself pretty juvenile, don't you think?
        The lack of logic in your argument displays your ignorance on this issue.

          Months are not years. I'm not denying the Aussie dollar will stay where it is for the forseeable near-future, but this price is fixed for 6 years (7 if the PSP is any comparison). And indeed, the Aussie pricing is fixed closer to the Euro than it is USD.

          I'm calling it juvenile because kneejerk reaction here is to start foaming at the mouth and disregard anything that might be considered sense. Hey, let's ignore completely different population distributions, sales tax in the US, the difference in minimum wage, tariffs, hedging etc because "GAHHH!!! WE'RE BEING SCREWED!"

    It's pretty fair if you ignore the typical Australian mark ups. Though given the current trend for importing, I take it many sales are going overseas if the price isn't much closer to 300 for the wi-fi and 350 for the 3G.

    Well if its region free, I'm sure my american friend will send me a 'birthday present' not long after I transfer a sum of money into her account, she's generous like that.

    $300 I'd be willing to pay here but anything more than that would be pushing it. $350 bundled with uncharted would definitely make me drop some cash though, especially if its backwards compatible with psn games

    Cheaper than the 3ds:D

    So is it pronounced vEEta or vIta?

    Ether way the name is cringe.

    Whatever Sony do I hope they have good launch titles. The reason I didn't get a 3DS and the reason I am still doubtful I will get one any time soon is that I ain't crazy about the titles it has.

    As far as the price point goes: EB was accurate on the 3DS so maybe that buys them some credibility this time around?

    At launch the system will be cheaper. I got my 3DS for $288. Its since gone back up to $329 at department stores and $349 at the RRP jacking stores like EB. I regret not getting Donkey Kong Country Returns at launch. Was only $59 some places. I've never seen it drop past $79 new price since.

    I'm definitely going to buy it here, importing handhelds are too risky as they can have lots of defects.

    You definitely want the warranty.

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