EB Listing Nintendo's Wii U at $599.95

Once again, like EB's estimated pricing for the PlayStation Vita, EB's guess is most likely as good as ours when it comes to the pricing of the Wii U - particularly as we don't even have a US or Japanese price point at the moment. But EB currently has the Wii U priced at $599 on their online store.

We're inclined to believe that estimate is a tad high. If we had to make an estimate, we'd the Wii U will most likely retail around the $400 mark, despite the fact the console will come packaged with a modified tablet controller. That's just based on precedent and the fact that the tech probably won't be that expensive to produce.

That being said, we probably won't have the official word on pricing for quite some time.


    EB would just be doing this to encourage preorders.

    My guess is $450. $500 with a arse kicking launch game and $600 for console, game and extra controller. You heard it here first.

      I think you might be on the money there.

      Although I would purchase the console stand-alone. then said kickarse game from ozgameshop or the 2012 equivalent for 70% the price.

      That is assuming that in the next year, distributors don't start pricing somewhat fairly in our region.

    Who is going to bother with this, the most you could expect from it is a host of dumb asian games, N64 revamps and Wii type shit, and some blockbuster games which will look better on the new Playstation or Xbox console when they're released anyway.

      Grounded, well supported objective facts here folks.

        I dunno why but I completely LOST IT at, "dumb asian games" LMAO. XDD

      ... and your thoughts on the middle east crisis sir?

        Are you Chaz from GBAtemp, by any chance?

      So, you mean all the stuff that made the Wii the most successful console of this generation (self-professed "hardcore gamers'" opinions aside?)

      If so, the answer to your question of "who's gonna bother" is: around a hundred million people. I reckon that's roughly about a hundred million more friends than you have.

    You dont need to stress.
    Use the service below to buy from the U.S.
    Complete with customer testimonials.


    I have used it and considering the AUD is higher than the USD, you will actually end up paying less than US consumers.

      PriceUSA are a rip off. Their "handling" fees end up being more then the product you're buying in a lot of cases. Just find a place that ships internationally.

    I can guarantee this is just a figure EB put on the console to secure pre-orders, because they have to honour their pre-order price, or provide the better price if it comes along. The last thing they would have wanted is people pre-ordering it at $399, then the official price being $499.

    EB highballed it to protect themselves in pre-orders, there is no substantial proof this is the real price since no Wii U (We should shorten this to WU)pricing has been revealed for any region.

    With Nintendo's track record of releasing consoles with a killer app, I'd pay $600 for this sort of console, although $500 sounds more likely.
    Considering the approach of the Wii, it seems Nintendo are trying to become the entry-level, family-friendly, affordable console makers,choosing to stop going head to head with Sony and Microsoft.
    Releasing ahead of the others and at an affordable price, should it prove accurate, would be an extension of this.

    You're all fools, 595 isn't that expensive for a next Gen console, I bought my 360 launch day and my PS3 Launch day both cost over 595. I will do the same with the Wii U because it looks freaking AWESOME!

    joshimitsu thats because you a rich F*** and wasted your money. why would you buy a ps3 for like what was it $900 on release day when you could have had an awesome pc for that price that would still kick its arse plus be able to afford the xbox

      Hi Andy,
      I also have a kick ass PC too, I am not a rich as F*** I just enjoy gaming, and I don't mind paying the developers for all there hard work, if you have an issue with the price, work harder or wait til the price comes down do b*tch and moan about it.

        Agreed Joshimitsu. I am a comitted gamer, I love the titles, not the platform. I spent $3k on my last PC, as well as over $1000 on my 360/PS3 for the console and accessories. I even bought a Wii once, but that relationship didn't work out.

        If you can't afford it, don't buy it. If you don't like the launch titles, don't buy it.

          Just to add I think the Wii is great for what it is! But mine also see's little love now-a-days, hopefully the Wii U can change this for the better :)

    we all remember what came after the N64 dont we?

    the noobcube

      If it costs $500, it better be a multimedia powerhouse. I want it to play Wii, GameCube, WiiU, DVD, and blu ray, while using the controller touch screen to control it all. I also want a nice web browser with adobe flash, silverlight, and html5. And yes, I am serious!

      Hey man, everyone loved the GameCube!

    I meant $600! Excuse me

    As long as Nintendo don't cut corners like Microsoft did with the Xbox 360, $600 is somewhat justified if its not defective like that P.O.S

    Surely the Wii U can't cost $600 when its got essentially the same specs as the Xbox 360 and PS3 which are between $400 and $500 respectively?

    If it's more than AUD$350, then I don't see it taking the (non-gaming) world by storm the way the Wii did.

    The motion gaming fad has kind of ended, the way Furbys and roller blades have had their shining, profitable moment and then faded away. I don't see the Wii U shifting anywhere near the units the Wii did.

    EB opening up preorders rediculously early for an inflated pricetag?

    Sorry, but this isn't news at all. Everyone knew this was going to happen.

    Wii U will be competing with 360 & PS3 which are almost certainly going to be below $400 Aussie dollars by Q4 2012 (my guess for the earliest Wii U launch possible given the astounding lack of game anouncements and the time it takes to make decent next gen games).

    Nintendo would be crazy to price themselves much higher than the 360 and PS3, especially when they will both probably be giving away Kinects and Moves like candy to sell as much software as possible.

    And Nintendo has to give people a reason not to wait for PS4 & neXtbox, but to buy the Wii U now.

    I would expect around $4OO Aussie is around the ballpark figure, but I'm sure they will be watching 360 & PS3 pricing anxiously before anouncing their price.

    To be honest I'm surprised I can't pre-order my PS4 or Microsoft full circle (or whatever name they'll call it) at EB yet.

    $2000 and a kidney each sounds about right.

    PS3 had backwards compatibility, 1080 HD capability, played blu-ray, and released at $600. You're trading blu-ray for a HD (not cheap)tablet controller. Tablets, especially HD full-color, cost a lot more than blu-ray players, so $600 is a realistic price, if not low. I think it's terrible marketing. You're going to buy a system for your kids when a replacement controller is going to cost over $100 easy? Hope they are super patient kids that don't drop things often. I don't think so. I foresee a Dreamcast repeat.

    who remembers toys r us wii preorder?:


    *five weeks later:


    hahaha i was pissed off but traded nfs that day for twilight princess.

    Isn't it $250 US? That's what I've heard multiple times.... There's no way I'd pay over $450. Especially considering it's going to be outdated so quickly.

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