Europe's Fancy Big Box Of Xenoblade Chronicles

Not to rub salt in the wounds of American fans still fighting for a US release of the game, but really, you should check out the bundle deal that's being offered in Europe for Wii RPG Xenoblade Chronicles. It's great.

It includes a copy of the game and a red classic controller. Not the world's most exciting bundle, sure, but that glorious box art only looks more glorious puffed out and freed from the traditional white border used on Wii games.

Xenoblade Chronicles will be out in September in Europe and Australasia. In the US and Canada, fans are campaigning as part of Operation Rainfall for the game to make an appearance in North America.


    Woah, woah, woah! PAL regions gets an JRPG over NTSC? I AM AMAZE!

      As an owner of an US Wii to take advantage of the better selection of games this really stings! :p

      Also... way to go wii motion controls when once again we find a game being bundled with the classic controller.

    I ordered this offline:3 See, Australians can get the goods too:D

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