Even The Giant Flesh-Hungry Spiders Look Pretty In Neverwinter

The Forgotten Realms depicted in this new trailer and screenshots for Cryptic Studios' online co-op role-playing game Neverwinter could have been torn from the scribble pad I kept next to my character sheet back in my Dungeons & Dragons days.

This is pretty much how I imagined my adventures back then, so many years ago. I was Maximillian Hood, swashbuckling rogue and master of tumbling, spending my days dodging the hell out of Kobolds because of my tendency to run ahead of the party. Or I was Thog, the barbarian warrior with a 16 Wisdom and 3 Intelligence, thoughtfully tearing off pieces of my horse and eating them as we travelled headlong into danger.

Neverwinter for the PC gives players the tools to create their own epic azdventures in the Forgotten Realms, like Neverwinter Nights before it, only with a strong focus on customisation and multiplayer. You know, the best bits. I'm amazingly depressed that I didn't make it to E3 to see it in person.

Guess I'll just have to keep watching the website like everybody else until we get closer to the game's late 2011 release.


    The trick will be to find a bunch of like minded individuals to go adventuring with. Gone are the days where a bunchof us would get together on a Friday night and finish either at dawn or when neighbors decided to stage a samurai sword/shotgun fight in the street.

      i have a couple of friends keen to do just that like every weekend its great, have been playing online shit like DDO mostly, but THIS looks like it could actually take the cake for me. it actually looks like the spiritual successor to baldur's gate (not whatever the shit dragon age was) so im bloody excited

    Something is seriously wrong with pic 06 =))

    please don't be based on fourth edition please don't be based on fourth edition please don't be based on fourth edition please don't be based on fourth edition...

    Yeah. Don't do that.

    So this is Neverwinter Nights 3 then? I remember that the old ones had a focus on multiplayer, you could even play as the DM and manage other players. This seems like a standard graphical update.

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