Everything We Know About Nintendo's Brand New Console, Wii U

This morning, Nintendo unveiled the video game industry's first new major home console since 2006. Yes, it's been that long! That console is called the Wii U, and here's everything we know about the machine so far.

We've seen the Wii U in the flesh, played its games, seen its trailers and poked at its fancy new controller. Below, you'll find where to catch up on all the good stuff.


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    I know it is juvenile, but does anyone else think it sounds like pee-yew?

      Does it sound like pee-yew? Yea sure.

      Do I think that it's relevant? Not in the slightest.

      It's the first thing I thought when I heard the name yesterday.

    looking at the console unit there...

    What's that Nintendo? you're going to base the design off of the old NES or SNES era consoles? Really?

      honestly all i can see is an xbox 360

        I second that. I love it but your right. Very Very 360ish.

    Looks even more like the "latest" (old new) model of Foxtels set-top-box!

    The only thing that is super important to me, and that no one seems to be addressing is.... What happens to my over $400.00 in Virtual console games that I have purchased for my Wii? Will there be a way to transfer these over to the new system? I know 360 and PS3 will have a way when theyr new systems come out. This will be a huge factor for me in determining if I want to pick one of these up...

      They made sure to let us transfer DSi games to the 3DS via SD card, and I'm sure they'll do that for the Wii & Wii U as well. Let's hope they will, anyway.

    hmmm, do you think this could be updated with new articles as they are posted? I realise that may be a little annoying and you can hate me for asking and not do it. that's okay with me. It'd be nice is all I'm saying.

    Multiplatform possibilities for WiiU games.
    Something to pay attention to is a sideways comparison between the WiiU on one hand, and PS3-PSV connectivity on the other. The 360 and the PS3 demonstrated that multi-platform games are the bread and butter of any system- the original Wii couldnt keep up with it's rivals graphically, but used a unique controll scheme to assure unique games. We all know the results of that- the Wii sold more units than either of it's competition, but it's perception as a "real" gaming console, already suffering from the purple-box days, suffered.

    With the entrance of the WiiU, and the mainstream acceptance of the Microsoft Kineck, the tables have been shifted. PSVita can potentially have the same functionality as the Wiiu controller (yes, it's actually a development of GBA connectivity in the Nintendo purple box days, but that's beside the point) and this is a GOOD thing, defining it as the new "mainstream." The Kineck, meanwhile, is sliding halfway into the's Wii's "innovative" position- it offers a new and different way to play, but it does so in a way a "hardcore gamer" can only lol at.

    Right now, the consumers see the Wiiu tablet as another wiimote/kineck, and are quick to toss the Wiiu into the same pile as, really, the last 3 Nintendo home consoles. A strong market of "Available for PS3(v)/WiiU" games, especially "traditional" sports games and shooters, can blunt the perception and cut the ground out from under a lot of the Nintendo hate. "Why get it on the kiddy Nintendo" transforms into "Why get it on the 6 year old Playstation, when I can have my game and Mario too, all in one place!"

    It's not an exact parallel- both the Kineck and the PSV are expensive accessories, whereas the Wiiu pad is a core unit, but they're accessories for systems that are already out and potentially already bought. Still, it bears thought.

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