Ezio Ages, Kills Gracefully In Assassin's Creed: Revelations

In this gorgeous cinematic trailer for Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Ezio shows no sign of being slowed down by old age, except for the odd hallucination of the assassin that came before him.


    Usual caveat about it not having anything to do with gameplay.

    But holy crap. That's some great work.

    That was AWESOME!

    My gods... that was a bloody brilliant cinematic... I want to watch a whole movie of that!

    So beautiful... That part of taking off the cape is... fanservice? : | This trailer is so awesome!

    DO WANT!!!!!

    Damn, some of that CG looked Live Action

    Holy crap! Now I realise why Ubisoft have made a new division to make movies out of their games.

    Amazing trailer. One of the best I've seen in ages!
    Nice to see Altair again, in any context - he was infinitely cooler than Ezio anyway.

    As critical as I am of Ubisoft's policy of annually exploiting... I mean releasing installments of their IPs (I thought Bro'hood was kind of a soulless hackjob), I think this game has the potential to be as good as AC 2, rounding out the generally excellent narrative and character of Ezio.

    Also, that end bit, where everyone expected Ezio to do a leap of faith, but the (I'm assuming) Templar commander guy put a noose around his neck? That was actually a bit chilling.


    At the end... that's not Ezio's face! :O

    guys is Ezio no Altair look ubisoft first and then talk

    you renember in AC 2 when one rock hit the Ezio to face and left sign look carfully !!!!

    to the end his face!!!

    This looks awesome.
    Andreas, Oshada, you may or may not be right. But probably wrong. Ezio, Desmond AND Altair all have scars above their lips on the right. AND, you can see it in the video, but only faintly.

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